I Don’t Remember I am Ever Been So Sick For the Past Few Years!

Oh yes, my cough, flu have been with me since 2 weeks ago. I got so sick till the extend I can’t do much doing the weekdays and all the housework piled up. Plus this week is not the week that my temp help will be here, I feel there are tons of work needed to be done.

I went to see doctor yesterday and my bill was S$58. Since I am a contract staff, I can only claim up S$40 and I can’t even utilise my medical leave.

Sick - IMG_0972

With so much things to do, still I decided to take my medication and slept on it yesterday. But I got up early as 5.30 am this morning to do the cooking and as well as the ironing. I did went back to my slumber as I managed to get everything done by 7 am. I was up again and get ready to work at 7.45 am. Life is so busy!

Sick - IMG_0970

Somehow I know this phase of life will pass but I just can’t help to feel very lousy at the moment. I hope my contract will end quickly!


8 thoughts on “I Don’t Remember I am Ever Been So Sick For the Past Few Years!

  1. You poor thing. Oh well, I think flu bug is around. JR has been having his running nose and cough for the past 1 mth, I think! And not responding to meds. So yesterday, I decided to give him several doses of the Kordel’s garlic pearles(cut small hole and squirt the oil into his mouth). It’s very high-dose (20,000mg), so he really didn’t have running nose. haha. Maybe you should try.

  2. Oh dear! Shirley, I really feel the frustration for you. Hope you are all good and healthy already!

    Anyway just to share, I also got this flu bug when I went back to the workforce that time and it was also part of the reason that made me gave up the job. My fever kept coming back at 40 degrees celcius and I couldn’t work so everyone was mad at me cos my probation wasn’t over. In the end the GM hinted for me to leave because she didn’t want to sack anyone during CNY. Fast forward, i saw the doctor soo many times and he finally concluded that it was because I stayed at home for too long so my immune was not as strong anymore. Especially with the crowd inside the train. It’s soooo packed every morning. He suggested I used a mask during the journey to work and take supplements to build up my immune. So do build up your immune! Take good care of yourself!

    • I am better after one round of anti-biotics.

      I feel it is tough to re-joined back the work force. My speed is definitely not there and then I found myself making so much mistake during my sick time.


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