The Music To Face Before The Music Class (Lesson 6)

It’s been consecutive two weeks I faced meltdown from Yvette before the music class. And sadly, I feel I have managed it badly. It’s often ended up with scolding as well as some smacking form me.

P/S: I smacked her because she insisted my sister who was sleeping at the time she was throw tantrum to bring her to the class. I feel I shouldn’t agree to request and she totally didn’t want to go to the class without if my sister not going. Despite I agree that she can don’t go to the class but she insisted going (to oppose me I guess) but Ah Yi must go!


I do feel defeated seriously!

I know the reason behind her meltdown probably due to lack of sleep (only nap for an hour) but then this shouldn’t be her call to demand her Ah Yi to oblige to her request. She is crying for her right which sadly, my sister got to get change and send her to the class.

Another BIG sigh!

For the past one week, I do find Yvette is getting more and more demanding and having more and more meltdowns to my dismay. I have never faced a so many episode of meltdowns again and again. And more over I am still feeling very very sick!

I know it is best to avoid harsh comments and even smacking but I really can’t help. I know more hug and kisses should help? But when I was at my top, I tend to forget and when I can’t cool her down despite talking to her; bring myself down to her. I decided to walk away. (And usually I will turn back.)

Managing a tot with stubbornness in her bone can indeed to be so difficult. If time permit, I usually wait for her to stop crying and left her alone till she stops. But when time is running out, I am at wit’s end. And I know I am lacking of patient. I feel like banging myself into the wall many times when I manage her tantrum when time is running out for us.

I have to learn to manage my emotion better.

I have to learn to manage her tantrum better.

I need more time for this…..

And I hope I can be eventually a better mum for Yvette….one day……

Again, I always doubt but then more often than usually Yvette is learning yet she is not participating. She often could tell us what the teacher had taught after class and even practice at home some of the skills learn. Once she has  learnt something, it will not be forgotten. But sadly, this is not the right attitude for learning. Practice usually makes a person to learn better.

She didn’t participate today…. but she is learning.

Is she really learning?


2 thoughts on “The Music To Face Before The Music Class (Lesson 6)

  1. And you know what jacob does in class? Just purposely INSIST on playing the chime bells HIS OWN WAY and not listen to the teacher nor have me help him. Plus some other parts of the class. Urgh. Wah, really horrid.

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