Buying Toys Day

Getting too tired to cook for today, D packed dinner back for us.

I have no energy at all after 5 very busy working days (closing) during the office hours. Moreover I am still very sick. My flu, cough don’t seem to go away. Luckily Yvette is not really affected by my illness. She still standing strong. I hope to see the doctor tomorrow to get some medication.

Somehow I do feel lousy I have to work despite being very ill. Coughing, clearing mucus are part of my daily activity in the office. I know I am not the only one that requires to work when feeling unwell but I just couldn’t not pity myself! And with constant nagging from office indeed bring my morale down.

Anyway, since today is Friday I decided to treat myself a good lunch. As usual, I will eat my comfort food – Soup Spoon for lunch and then headed to Toy R Us to get something for Yvette.

After some struggle and consideration, I decided to ignore the cost and gotten 3 boxes of Sylvanian families for Yvette. However, I didn’t plan to give it to her now. Maybe in April or even in May.

Toys - Mar 2011 Everyday

Fast Forward.

In the evening, after having dinner at home, we went out.

We went United Square to get  Yvette’s 3th Birthday present. Seriously I know it is a little early (another 2 months to her birthday) to get it but then I remembered once I need something from ELC but it went out of stock. In the end, I have to look for substitute. And yes, we managed to get what we want.

Toys - IMG_0936

Better be early than sorry… haha…

She had too much fun in Toy R Us as usual. A place where we often patronise. She was so familiar with it now. Then we moved to ELC to get her present.

Toys - IMG_0931

I thought of letting her to do her art work at the basement but the shop closed at 9 pm. She was rather upset when she learned from me she couldn’t do Art but was then pacified by us with the usual Kiddy ride.

Toys - IMG_0940

After all the necessary was done, we headed Starbuck to pick up my fav drink before we went home.

Toys - IMG_0944


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