Month In Review – February & Goals For March 2011

P/S: You might want to read why I started to record this entry monthly here.

I feel February itself is not a good months, Too much disappointments for me to stomach and I ended my month badly too.

1. What were the major event/s for the month?

  • Chinese New Year
  • Valentine Day

2. What were the outings we had?

We went Sentosa for the Flower Festive via Sentosa Boardway.

Feb review- IMG_0627

We went JGC at Forum for some culture learning. But Yvette wasn’t very keen. She only interested in catching fish. But I was very happy to meet some of the teachers out there and as well as parents of Yvette’s classmate in the previous class.

Feb review -IMG_0826

3. Anything new things we did or tried?

We dined in Secret Recipe and order some food that we never tried before.

4. Any new learning curriculum for Yvette?

Chinese New Year and Valentine Day were covered. Fraction and some piecemeal learning for Parts of the Tree, Sticker book activities.

5. What was the family health stats for the month?

Not good. I was very sick at the end of Feb. Yvette was unwell too.

6. What were my accomplishments this month?

Nope, Nothing, none. Does consider cooking meal when I have to work at the same time consider as a accomplishment?

7. What surprised me this month?

D brought me one bouquet of flower during Valentine Day. My first bouquet of flower during V Day.

8. What were my disappointments this month?

  • Received bad news about my Aunty’s cancer. She was at her last stage of her life now.
  • Received news toward the end of Chinese New Year, one of my bff’s father passed on.
  • Received news from FB on decision made by my niece upsets us.
  • My job is depressing.

9. Any other events happened but I did not record here?

The two outings we have went above. I was really too lazy to blog about it.

10. Favourite picture of Yvette with any extended family members.

Feb review - IMG_0770

11. Favourite picture of Yvette with D or myself.

I can’t find any.

12. Family picture for the month of February.


13. Any goals for March?

I started to realise when time is running short, it is hard to even achieve small goal.  I just want to put more time to teach Yvette. Hope I can manage my time better.


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