Update From CC and Yvette’s Progression For Feb 2011

This month is a frustrating month.

The English teacher of Yvette’s class was away most of the time for training and most of the lessons were not conducted by another teacher. It wasn’t impressive at all.

I mentioned there is another little girl, G I met in the music class was coincidentally joining Yvette’s CC and I told her mother to put her in Yvette’s class told me how badly they trying to make up for the lost lesson. (Her dd joined in Feb and was in school for 3 days.)

As such, I only see Yvette brought back one “dish” from her cooking lesson and this was conducted by the Chinese teacher.


Anyway, I received the newsletter from the Chinese Teacher today and thinking it will be good I put it up here. So to recap what she has learnt for the past two months:


  • 开学了
  • 我会自己走


  • 幼儿园像我家
  • 爸爸妈妈去上班
  • 拉勾勾


  • “从头忙到脚”
  • “找朋友”
  • “猜猜我是谁?”


  • 我的学校
  • 小彩旗
  • 彩色水滴画


  • 我的朋友在哪里
  • 玩具国
  • 我上幼儿园

Of all, I know Yvette loves this song the most – 爸爸妈妈去上班. She often sings this song at home. I think she has accepted both of us need to work and she needs to go to school!

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