It Must Be The Flu Bug! (Lesson 5 with Mac)

Let me not go into details on what had happened today. As far as I could remember, there were around 8 episode of meltdown I have dealt with today.

The best part was during the music class. Yvette wasn’t very co-operative during the lesson and I just trying to persuade her but she got irrigated and started off her tantrum. She cried very loudly for her papa and I gladly agreed to it. I agreed to her she can go out of this room to find her papa. The teacher passed a remark Yvette was “obedient” to do so.

I seriously don’t want to laugh or cry but certainly not offended by the teacher. Teacher E was a nice teacher and one reason I chosen Mac’s Music School because they are less commercial. Everyone there is very friendly and that including Mac himself.

Anyway, D carried Yvette into the class and I went out to wait for them. After the lesson, D told me Yvette wasn’t participative at all but I know today was not our day since morning. (We managed 4 meltdowns in the morning – just one market trip drove me nut!!!!!!!)

Outing to Plaza Sing was no fun too. Yvette gotten better but still far away from her usual self. (We need to only manage 1-2 meltdown every 3-4 days.)

The only highlight came before we headed to carpark to get my sister’s boyfriend car. We walked past a shoes shop and one pair of shoes caught my sister’s boyfriend attention. That of course triggered Yvette’s happy cell. Suddenly she got so excited over it and started to try one shoes after another.

We did purchase two pairs of shoes for Yvette. This pair of white shoes  (a gift from my sister’s boyfriend) will be worn during my sister’s wedding which is about one month away. Another pair is by D which Yvette loves it so much and couldn’t let go.

Flu Bugs - IMG_0896

Flu Bugs - IMG_0895

After paying off at the cashier we went Blk 530 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10 for our supper 鱼头火锅. This is the second time I am eating this. I love the soup. And surprisingly, the soup and the chillies cleared off my blocked nose. I had totally lost my voice at end of the day and feeling very exhausted. And I strongly believe it must be the flu bug had taken away all my energy, patience and love!


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