Alright! It’s Time to Get Sick

Oh well, after for about two months working full time, my engine started to break down. I felt really cold in the office yesterday and headed to clinic to see doctor on the same night. I was down with flu.

We brought along Yvette for the doctor to examine too. There were two red spot on her face; in fact we spotted another red spot yesterday after we fetched Yvette from school. There were some concerns from her teacher and we feel it will be good for us to bring her to check to clearance from the doctor and cleared the concern from the teachers.

Also, since I was down with flu, Yvette was not spared too. She was down with flu as well. We saw some thick green mucus coming out from her nose. I decided to keep her home because I will be staying at home today. (CC, doesn’t reject kids with thick green mucus.) However as I was not well, we didn’t do much. Major cooking was still done in the morning so that I can have time to spend with Yvette.

The whole morning we were doing the subtraction activity book I brought for her and I found out that, although she was weak at it but she was keen to learn and she could really learn fast. I hope sooner or later, she will be able to do mental calculation for subtraction since she already mastered how to add mentally.

Jia You Yvette!


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