Home Learning – Last Week of February

Now, I don’t have the time to plan for activity like what I did in the past. Too many housework need to be done. Errands need to be ran during lunch time and as well as I am very busy at work.

Anyway, I am lucky that Yvette like to do activity book and often she will bark us to do it with her. For this week, my sister brought her a new sticker book with so many activity in it. I think this should keep her occupy for at least one month before she got bored over it.

Learning Feb 2011 -  IMG_0861

Yvette is strong in addition and multiplication but weak in subtraction and division. I got this activity book last Sun when I was in Giant. I find this book is good because the wordings are big and there is sticker for answer. Yvette still couldn’t write, this will also make her learning more interesting and not killing the interest because she could fill in the box with right answers. (She can use sticker.)

Learning Feb 2011 - IMG_0860

I finally got this Fraction set from Dang Dang spree which I think I got it for about 10 bucks. I wanted to teach her the concept long ago but just could find the one I like or some out there are expensive. Sadly, when I try to teach fraction, her interest in learning Fraction are not there for now.

Learning Feb 2011 - IMG_0859

I got this set of matching card somewhere in someone’s else site but I really couldn’t find where I got it from any more. [P/S: I am sorry that I have steal your credit and will be mindful if you want me to link it back when you saw this. For readers, if you like to have it, just email me.] This set of card not only can do matching, it also teaches rule for English. It is also the Plural Cards. There are 3 sets of Irregular Plurals and 5 rules I can teach Yvette.

Learning Feb 2011 -  IMG_0862

Here are the rules Yvette will be learning and surprisingly, some I didn’t know about it too. (I remember them by hard.)

Rule 1: For most nouns, just add –s.

Rule 2: For nouns ending in –s, –x, –z, –ch or –sh, add –es.

Rule 3: For some nouns ending in –f, change the –f to a –v and add –es. (Exceptions: roofs, chefs, cliffs…)

Rule 4: For some nouns ending in –o, add –es. (Exceptions: pianos, photos, memos….)

Rule 5: For nouns that end with consonant +y, change –y to –ies, For nouns that end with vowel +y, add –s.


5 thoughts on “Home Learning – Last Week of February

  1. So you should do the fractions like in Cakes, pizza, etc. When I cut the cake or even a slice of cheese, I’d go “I’ll cut it into half, ok?” and then “I’ll cut these halves into halves again, look, we have 4 pieces now” – 4 small squares(compare with another slice of original slice cheese) and say “they are now in 4 quarters!”. As in, I rarely *purposely* do this as an activity, but more as part of things that happen during the day, whether in the house or outside.

    • Actually she understands half as in semi, and 1/4 as in quarter. But not beyond that. I also will introduce her those concept in daily.

      Hopefully I will manage to gain her interest – transferring those concept she learnt in her daily life into “classroom”.

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