I wonder if anyone will be keen if I run a spree to get this toy? Growing Fun is selling something like this for S$139.90.




7 thoughts on “Construct-it

    • Ing,

      If I would ship this item, I will use Vpost and here are the charges.

      Charge=Base Charge
      +Variable Charge
      S$7.20/kg + S$1.00/kg

      Weight charge Fuel Surcharge

      chargeable weight applies Other additional charges:

      I can’t really estimate the shipping charges as vPost goes by Volume weight and I have no idea how Guidecraft will pack this toy. Most likely I think we would have to pay around S$40 to S$50 (Highest range) for shipping and this will work out to be USD30 x 1.30 = S$39 + S$50 bucks shipping = S$89.

      My friend brought S$139.90 x 80% = S$111.92 with 20% discount from growing fun.

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