Some New Housework Arrangement

The daily routine is taxing, it is even more taxing for me as I am work full time now. Having to wash, iron, clean, cook; these take up 60% of my time. And doing laundry alone can be killing.

Laundry is done daily. It never get accumulated. If it does, it going to kill me. Even ironing is done on alternative day.

Yvette will change 4 set of clothing daily. 2 sets in school and 2 sets back home. Honestly, I don’t like the idea of letting Yvette wearing her PJ to school initially. But I change my mindset toward this idea because I can cut down one set of clothing to wash daily. With me changing 3 sets of clothing per day and D has 2 sets, there are really a lot to wash.  (Not forgetting FIL’s clothing too.)

I only give myself a break from laundry on Friday. Usually many working adult will catch up their much needed sleep on weekend but definitely not for working mum.

On Saturday morning, I will wake up around 7 plus in the morning to make breakfast for my FIL and then follow up with laundry. Usually I have a lot more to wash on Saturday because I need to wash all the bedding set Yvette brought back home to change.

Laundry - IMG_0810

At the same time, I will sort out those dry clothing on Saturday so that I can iron them and also pack Yvette’s clothing to school at the same time.

And yes, I finally had my temp help coming in to help me before CNY and she is doing a great job. So other than washing and ironing, our toilets are wash lightly by D on alternate weekends and our temp help will do the major work every two weeks.  She will wash the kitchen for me, cleaning all my glass door, helping me to change the bed sheet beside those normal cleaning work.

Oh boy, I can’t imagine my life would be without her.


8 thoughts on “Some New Housework Arrangement

  1. My goodness, that is a lot of laundry. I tend to wash the clothes every couple of days and wait for a full load but that means folding and ironing builds up as well. Luckily you have a temp help to come in and clean if not I really don’t know how you do it.
    I’ve started working part time as well and I’m already struggling with the housework!

    • And this temp help only come twice per month for now. I am thinking should I get her to come everyweek but the it doesn’t make sense to her.

      Maybe need to find another help so that if one of them fall sick, I have backup.

  2. Have you thought of investing in a dryer? Saves alot of time as you don’t have to hang clothes. Then you can sort of accumulate for a few days before washing instead of washing daily.

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