Yvette: 2 yrs 9 mths (33 mths)

Oh well, better late than never. She turned 33 mths 3 days ago.  I decided to use the most special photo to me for this month update! All credit goes to Stella.


Apparently for this month I see much changes in Yvette’s personality and character. She indeed has matured over time. Even her “strictest” teacher in school sing praises on her.

I could see almost close to zero tantrum in the morning for the past one month. In fact she manage to wake up by herself at 8 am every morning for the past one weeks. (7th Feb to 11th Feb 2011.) Of course I have took up advice from Nicole; (Nicole, I am still reading your spide web blog!) lower my expectation in the morning at the same time practice on those good habit eg like brushing teeth, washing and cleaning herself. I will and certainly will try to persuade her to brush her teeth when I know her mood is good during weekdays and insisted she must do it during weekends.

She seems to be a much easy person to negotiating on term now. During the long weekend of CNY, we only managed one meltdown on the first day of CNY. Another example I could remember; on  Ikea by train as suggested by Yvette. We were all hungry, expect this princess; and wanted to have our meal at Foodcourt instead of Ikea. She did make a fuss over it but I managed to get her agreement.

She’s an inquisitive girl who’s eager to know more about the world around her. She’s curious and she’d ask questions, detailed questions. And she will talk about the same topic again and again for days.

She’s more of a perfectionist. She’ll be very happy or I would say she will be very upset if she did not count wrongly and she didn’t do her activity book correctly.

As she gets older I realise she needs more time to warm up. Even for those ppl she keeps asking about, she doesn’t get too key up when she sees them. In Chinese context, this is what we call “慢热".

She is not a perfect child. She does have areas that need to be corrected. She does process “can’t be bothered” attitude. At times when we talk to her, she doesn’t seem to listen attentively. We need to make sure we help her to correct this attitude.

I always want to pen down the songs Yvette is singing daily but I keep forgetting to add it in. Yvette fav song for 31 mths are Farmer in the Dell and 1 2 Buckle my shoes. At 32 mths, she keeps singing is jingle bell!!! Still having Xmas mood!!!

For learning, she certainly is raised with right attitude to learn as of now. (I certainly believe 小时了了 大未必佳; SO to me raising her in the right attitude in learning is important. And I should never be carried over her achievement now and not working harder.)


She love picking up activity book, story book to learn by herself now.

We are working at mental sum. And surprisingly, she loves it. And you know, I am toying the idea of learning abacus myself so that I can teach her. No action from me yet except I have downloaded some apps from Apple apps store. Time is not at my side!

I realise her feet doesn’t grow much. That apply to her height. Her sole remains at 14cm to 15 cm and her height has remained constant for months. But she does put on weight. I could feel the weight on my arm as I carry her. Oh yes, she has a small shoulder too….

And for this month, besides doing a write up on her development, I decided to pen down how Yvette spent her life and those little things that make her happy as well as sad!

On 14th Jan, she was not well and she was kept at home with papa.


On 25th Jan, she was kept at home with me. She spent her whole day doing all the activities she like such as blowing bubbles at our corridor.


On 29th Jan, she was sitting on D’s luggage while waiting for us to open door.


On 04th Feb, she wanted to do some painting while waiting for the guest to arrive.


On 5th Feb, she had pancake for breakfast at Mac!


Most of the stuff that makes life great aren’t the big things, but the little minute details like those I have updated above. Simple life yet happy time!


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