Further to my last entry about cutting and scissors, I found this scissors from a store at the basement of Forum Shopping Mall for S$3.50.

This scissors could cut plastic, to my surprise and the blade of the scissor won’t cut off our skin. The best part, there is a “support” at the bottom of the scissors that guide the tots.

Scissors - IMG_0841

Coincidentally all the scissors she has are pink!

Scissors - IMG_0776


7 thoughts on “Scissors

  1. That’s a variety of scissors. Heehee.. Ashlyn hid away the child friendly scissors(I have no idea where is it now!) and started using MY scissors because she said Yvette is also doing that! Now I have to look for a small scissors like the one on the left in the picture. Haha.. She has been asking me when can she play the abc puzzle with Yvette again at Auntie Shirley’s house. I wanted to pop by during Chinese New Year but couldn’t find time…and *GASP* it’s over already! Maybe I can visit you during one of the Friday evening again? 🙂

    • Wendy,

      If you like the third scissor I can help you to buy since I always go Forum for Yvette’s music lesson.

      Do visit us if you can. Yvette will love to play with your girl!

  2. It’s ok Shirley. I will find a normal scissors because the school just feedbacked that they also taught them to use the normal ones. Thanks for the offer!

    Sure, I will arrange and let you know. See you soon. 🙂

    • You mean you want me to buy the third scissors on behalf and you pay me before I mail to you?

      There will be no classes on this Saturday and the scissor is often out of stock. I will have to check and come back to you again.

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