Home Learning – Love Is In The Air

I am late and I always will. Here are all my overdue entries!

V Day 2011 - IMG_0720

We did this 3D valentine craft on 11/2. It doesn’t seem to be easy for Yvette. She really took awhile to figure out to fit the 3 hearts together and did fail badly. I think I need to work on the similar concept with her again.

V Day 2011 - IMG_0724

Here’s the end result – Love is in the air!

V Day 2011 - IMG_0730

On the actual day, we worked together. We made a Valentine Day card for D with his participation!

V Day 2011 - IMG_0782

It is fun making the card together. At the same time we could show affection to each other especially to Yvette.

We read Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse! by Laura Numeroff for one week. This book is about how Valentine Day is also meant for Friendship and how it can be spent among friends. It is about one sentence per page, simple and easily understand. Yvette took this book very well.

V Day 2011 - IMG_0808

Here’s the end result of our work.

V Day 2011 - 1

There are some unfinished work. I have yet printed out the label and pasted them into a file. And I believe those made up a full picture of Valentine Day all about.

V Day 2011 - IMG_0783


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