Is Like Monthly Affair (& Lesson 4 with Mac)

I managed to send Yvette to slumber in the afternoon and she woke up fresh as expected. Happily we went music lesson and they learnt something new too.

Learning some motor skill with bean bag and as well as learning a new song. She is getting very much into it now.

After the music lesson, as planned, we decided to head Ikea. The lesson did end 10 mins earlier and we wanted to took a cab there but then it was turned down by Yvette. She suggested to take train.

We rushed to Orchard MRT as fast as our feet could carry us. It’s going to pour as we “ran” from Forum to the train station. The train ride from Orchard to Queentown was consider fast. We changed at Raffles Place and were lucky to get seat all the way.

I was grateful over my DD chosen this route. It brought back my childhood memories in Queentown. Many old HDB flats there had already being demolished and rebuilt. And I believe this block is tearing down soon! No more history!

Ikea Feb 11 - IMG_0324

Ikea was one bus stop away. We took Bus 195. The only bus from this bus stop. I wanted to have dinner at Anchor Point before heading Ikea. Again, Yvette tried to turn down what I have suggested. But I manage to reason with her. She accepted we have to eat first and also she was aware we have already given in to her by taking the MRT ride. Yvette turned out to be a fairly easy to manage child for the past two months (will blog about Yvette’s character in her monthly update).

We had dinner at the Foodcourt and we ordered the same “food” from the same store again. Oh well, it’s still Pasta and Pizza but this round was not our liking. We didn’t like it as much as we did last round.

Ikea Feb 11 - IMG_0745

Ikea Feb 11 - IMG_0747

And D set up a “trap” for himself during the meal time.

The store we ordered our food from, severed their food via a numbering system.  There was once the number jumped back to zero instead of moving on to the next number. D then threw Yvette a question and this led her into deep thought. She NEVER stop asking D why the numbering system got back to Zero and then moved back. She NEVER accepted D’s explanation that they made a mistake. She is such a persistent child!

Ikea Feb 11 - IMG_0751

After our meal we moved to IKEA. For the first time ever, we decided to split. D will accompany Yvette in the children department and I will be the one shopping around for storage idea I need.

And this “way” of splitting up did speed up the “shopping” and as well as cutting short Yvette’s playtime. She didn’t really play much because I wasn’t there I guess.

Ikea Feb 11 - IMG_0757

Since it was still early after we check out. We went back to the food court to eat again. They are severing the supper menu and I would like to eat their Mee Siam. (Another reason for supper was, we didn’t seem to have filled up out stomach just now.)

Ikea Feb 11 - IMG_0756

The food was great but sadly due to miscommunication, we have left Yvette’s bottle and the chicken wing (we packed 3 back home). in the food court.

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