Update From CC and Yvette’s Progression For Jan 2011

I won’t know if I will receive newsletter from school. I wish they would send it to me every month, so that I would know what are Yvette is learning in School.

I received the letter a few days ago and thought it will be good that I did some update here for my own reading pressure in the future.

Inquiry Moments –  Who Am I?

In this theme, the tots explore concepts that helped them understand  themselves and the families better; the physical characteristics of their bodies as well as the roles of the members in the family etc.

They stuck stickers on different parts of our bodies as we sing the song “Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes”. They were also introduced to gender: boy and girl. Dressing up at the dramatic zone helped them understand the concept better. They read the books – My Five Senses by Aliki and From Head to Toe by Eric Carle.

>>> I have learnt that Yvette fell in love with From Head to Toe by Eric Carle. Sometimes, (maybe you will think I am mad) I do read to her in school before I go to work during Jan. A nice book to have.

Numeracy Strategies –  Number 1 and 2

They enjoyed singing the songs “One, Little Two, Little Three, Little  Children” and “One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Once I Caught a Fish Alive” while we count from 1 to 10. They even read a book titled “My First One, Two, Three!” by Jeannette Rowe. They used ice cream counters to practice 1 to 1 correspondence.   They practiced writing the numbers 1 and 2 using their fingers first. Then, they attempted to use different parts of our bodies; like our elbow, legs and head to form the numbers in the air. To reinforce our learning, they proceeded to the Writing Zone to practice writing using fingerpaints.

Fun With Phonics – Letter S and A

They learnt the phonemes /s/ and /a/ through stories and songs. They named objects that began with these sounds. They even tasted apples and counted its seeds as well.

At the writing zone, they created Magic Letters by painting over white paper with hidden letters and waited for the letters to appear. They further developed their pre-writing skills by writing the letters s and a using various
types of materials provided.

Outdoor Fun – Parachute Day

Playing is the most enjoyable activity they always wanted to do…so they really had a great time playing with the Giant Parachute in an open area near school.

They learnt so many things through this play like putting on our shoes by themselves, lining up and taking turns. They also learnt how to behave while in the lift with other people and most importantly…how to be PATIENT. They waited patiently while the teachers prepared the parachute and they were rewarded by watching the giant colourful parachute float above us as they run between the teachers and feeling it touch our heads and faces.

>>> I am so impressed with this. Being in air-conditional CC, outdoor is something Yvette is lacking. I have spoken to the level head and understand from her, there will be more outdoor fun coming. I hope HDB will build an outdoor playground near her school!

P/S: The newsletter was sent to me accompanied by many pictures which I can’t share here due to confidentiality. Some wordings are edited by me too.


2 thoughts on “Update From CC and Yvette’s Progression For Jan 2011

  1. I love schools that come with playgrounds and outdoor areas. Sadly JR’s doesn’t. They do go outdoors 1x/week though to the nearby park and playgrounds.

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