Home Learning – Parts of The Tree

If you are wondering how I could catch up with making home learning material, this is the answer.

Home Learning Tree -IMG_0687

Occasionally  but rare, I do manage to get a seat on train in the morning. The moment I was seated, I will pull out the home Learning material kit to work on it. If I have organized it well, I will be able able to finish one set of material by and during my lunch time. So when I was back home, I  will laminate those materials and will pass to D.

Home Learning Tree - IMG_0684

In the past, I will be the one doing the teaching and D will be the one doing the washing, but our role has swapped because I need to do preparation work for our dinner for the next day.  So D will be the one doing the teaching now. In fact, I always feel D could teach better than me; especially his ability to explain concept such as Maths.

Again, her attention span on learning is still not much to our expectation, but she really pick up the idea/concept fast.

Home Learning Tree - IMG_0712

Reading the book they have made just now

At night during bedtime, she was able to match those cards correctly without any of our guidance. One thing for sure, I believe she had already knew most of it and so it didn’t post much challenge to her.

Home Learning Tree - IMG_0710

Oh well, it is time for real challenge soon!

P/S: I gotten this idea from this site.


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