Books Yvette Read in January 2011

Most of her time spent on reading in Jan 2011 was all about reading the same books over and over again.

Jan Reading - IMG_0315

Wow! Said The Owl &   Tip Tap Went The Crab by Tim Hopgood are her favourite book in Jan. Go, Dog. Go! is another hot favourite book that she couldn’t let go. Surprisingly, she has the “stamina” to read thru The Cat In The Hat with me several times in Jan too.

Jan Reading - IMG_0688

Of course I didn’t let Yvette “get away” so easily. There is a niche area on top of our bed. (In the past, we put photos there but now we cleared them away.) We have placed many many new books there so that from time to time, we manage to read her some new books and she did pick up some to browse herself too.

Jan Reading - IMG_0691

Lastly, we didn’t cover much for 四五块读 too. We are at Chapter 3 of book 1 and the progress was consider slow. The good thing is, Yvette is picking up many new words covered in the Chinese Enrichment class and she loves reading books from 我会读 series.


5 thoughts on “Books Yvette Read in January 2011

  1. Vee loves reading and I just bought a few Usbourne level 1 books at MPH KL. They’re beautifully illustrated and each story has a moral lesson. The series goes up to advanced level with a big range of re-written classics. Have a look. 🙂

    • Thanks for recommending. I have a few at home too. But it seem she is someone that is hard to introduce book from time to time.

      Agree to what you have commented, these book are beautifully illustrated and each story has a moral lesson. I love The Lion and The Mouse!

    • Jus,

      They can’t be found in Popular. It is sold at Growing Fun. (So far I can only remember this store but there are many stores out there selling too.)

      Skip set one. Those words covered in book 1 are covered in 四五块读.

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