Fully Packed

Look at my fridge. It is so fully packed! And that is not meant for CNY. CNY is already over.

Fully Packed - IMG_0682

Fully Packed - IMG_0673

Fully Packed - IMG_0674

Fully Packed - IMG_0675

This is what I will see in my fridge on every Sunday after I started to work! Is it me or everyone is like this? I am worry about running out of food (the wet and the dry) and the sauce.

I realise I can’t easily running down to the market anymore. I have limited time I could spare. I tend to over buy but to avoid being caught in the situation where I need them but I can’t have them, I fully packed my fridge every Sunday.

I guess this is part of parcel of being a cooking mama despite I work!


4 thoughts on “Fully Packed

  1. Heehee, this was how my fridge looked like during CNY when my MIL stuffed so many things inside! Our fridge hasn’t been working well, so it started to conk out after that! I guess you have to stock it fully since you don’t have time to market on weekdays when you are work, still must give you big round of applause for being able to cook everyday! 🙂

  2. Wow, that alot of Sauces!! Thanks for sharing

    Belated Blessed Birthday to you dear!!

    Happy Bunny Year to you & your family.


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