CNY Day 3: Hello Aunty Stella’s Family

Backdated post!

Before I get into details on what happening today, remembered I did one home learning activity for CNY, I asked about what is Tray of Togetherness in Chinese, it is 全盒。(Thanks Stella.)

Thanks Stella for making a trip to my place too. I been feeling exhausted mainly due to I been working late for the past two days before CNY. My energy level certainly is low. Thus I am keeping all the house visiting to the minimum this year.

Again, the kids had so much fun. There are so much thing they could play!

Aunty Stella - IMG_0592

The mess they could create!

Aunty Stella - IMG_0590

I realised Yvette really enjoys having a crowd around her. She keeps telling me “asking the two boys to come back” and “asking the two girls to come back.” (Boys refer to my niece’s sons and girls refering to my husband’s cousin daughter.) She also keeps telling me “I want to go Crystal’s house.” This is how badly she needs company….

Anyway, I rewarded Stella for making effort to my place by cooking her a delicious lunch. She loves it so much…. haha!

Aunty Stella - IMG_0599

The sweet & sour prawns is Stella's fav.

And a rare moment was created by Stella in return. She managed to convince Yvette to tie up her hair and even clip with nice ribbon clips too. I have capture many many pictures on this.

Aunty Stella

Aunty Stella - IMG_0604

Aunty Stella - IMG_0613

Hee, I also wanted to include this picture here too.

Aunty Stella - IMG_0289

A nice collage done by Stella using iPhone Apps

Of course not forgetting taking a group photo before they left! (Hop over here to read about this visit pen down by Stella.)

Aunty Stella - IMG_0617

P/S: Stella, hopefully we can meet up in Feb because Yvette finally miss Zac although she stressed about Velda!

2 thoughts on “CNY Day 3: Hello Aunty Stella’s Family

  1. gal, no worries going over to your place.. And thanks for lunch hehe. I will tink of what we shd do for our next meetup..

    And pls give yvette a pat on the shoulder.. for not forgetting Zac.. lol

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