CNY Day 2: Visiting Crystal

世界不会少了一个人而停止旋转。I don’t deny I am in a depressing mode during this CNY period. I know life got to go on regardless what is going to happen.

Anyway, this was planned before I received the news and Yvette does look forward to this visiting.

We usually stay at home on the first day of CNY because my FIL is the oldest folk in the entire family now. Relatives will come to visit us on the first day of CNY. I will go to my mum’s place for dinner on the first day too. So visiting for us will be on the second day of CNY.

As I mentioned Yvette did look forward to Crystal’s place, she refused to nap and waited patiently for the outing. For the past three days, she has been a good girl. I only need to deal with one meltdown which I feel it’s really a bonus to us.

Our precious today.

Visit Crystal - IMG_0558

This dress was a gift from my SIL.

Yvette was so happy when she saw Crystal. In fact, both girls were really happy.

Upon entering their house, Yvette attention was captured by the drum. The first toy she played.

Visit Crystal - IMG_0562

Both girls definitely have fun playing together. However, Yvette kept wanting to go to the pool during our dinner time and refuse to eat much too. Not to disappoint her, (I already prepared too) we headed to the pool during the sunset.

Visit Crystal - IMG_0565

On our way there, she told D she wanted to go to the pool where people played water. And D was very surprise she could construct a specific sentence making known exactly she wants (there are a few pools there) at her age. (The sentence I bolded was constructed by Yvette.)

It’s cold out here. But this did not stop Yvette. She had great fun. Alas, we didn’t manage to take a nice picture of it.

Visit Crystal - IMG_0583

Yvette dozed off shortly after the bathe and it was only 7 plus in the evening. We headed back home at around 8 pm.

Thanks for hosting us Crystal’s mama!


2 thoughts on “CNY Day 2: Visiting Crystal

  1. Hi..I happened to chance upon your blog while surfing for senja cashew cc.
    I saw that ur daughter was playing with welda’s balance beam..I wonder if you know where to get the beam?I am thinking to get one for my daughter. Did your friend make it herself?

    Thank you,

    • Velda’s mummy brought it from the gym school. If you keen, not so sure she is selling, I can get her to contact you. (the problem is, how you going to transport from her place to your house.)

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