“The First Closing”

For the past two days I reached home after 9pm in the evening. For the first time ever, I feel short changing Yvette. Luckily hubby is already back and he is the one, fetching, taking care of Yvette while I was working.

Despite how tiring I was, I choose to cook early in the morning on Tuesday. Honestly it will be very challenging for D to get dinner if I don’t cook in the morning. I can’t imagine the mad rush and the time involve in getting meal ready. Not forgetting the folk at home too.

Things are not smooth for me in this first closing. Boss is not being fair to the pregnant lady. Every SINGLE piece of work pertaining to closing was given at eleventh hour!  No wonder the birth rate is so low in sg. Job security is certainly unstable in her situation. I remembered I was sent to work in Loyang by my boss when I was expecting Yvette!

I feel sad for her as well as looking down at bosses who purposely make the work more difficult for women who are expecting! Luckily this is only a contract for me and I could just leave after 6 months!

Anyway, the closing is finally over. Today I could leave office at 1 pm and heading to my mum’s place for Reunion Lunch.

Happy Chinese New Year to Everyone out there!



4 thoughts on ““The First Closing”

  1. That’s not bad. When I was working, we don’t have half-day for Eve of any holidays. We HAD to work until 4 or 5pm. And it’s not fair to say that bc we are Chinese, we have priority to leave early for CNY either. Bc it would be like discrimination. Likewise for the other racial holidays.

    • Oh well, that is in the past.

      In current practice, all can go back at half day liao. I was ranting because not that I can or cannot going back at half day. In accounting field, it is “expected” to work even it is Chinese Holiday cos most of the Companies here are MNC. I am complaining because, we need to work because the boss being inconsiderate.

      If this did not happen and I have to work late, I am more willing to do so.

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