Month In Review – January & Goals For February 2011

P/S: You might want to read why I started to record this entry monthly here.

1. What were the major event/s for the month?

  • I went back to work.
  • Yvette attends full day CC
  • D went oversea for two weeks.
  • I turned 33. Sounds old.

2. What were the outings we had?

Not much. We were so busy for this month. And more over D was not in town, we only went Ikea.

3. Anything new things we did or tried?

We went for dessert at Big O at Paragon. This is a must try waffle if you are a fan for waffle with ice cream.

Jan 2011 Review

We had dinner at Crystal Jade Shanghai Restaurant when we went airport to welcome D back home. We tried a few new dishes there. Love to dine in the airport. I always feel it is usually much quieter.

Jan 2011 Review 2

Must try vegetarin noodle

4. Any new learning curriculum for Yvette?

I started her new Chinese Enrichment Programe and also I kicked off her learning music journey. However, I stop her on swimming which I am glad I did. This month is really a super cold month

5. What was the family health stats for the month?

We were all well except Yvette was down with fever not once but twice.

According to the Chinese Physician, her fever is part of her growing up (发育的烧) because she remained really active during the fever.

6. What were my accomplishments this month?

I never expect I could cook so many meals in one morning but I have proven I could do it.

7. What surprised me this month?

Yvette could nap without neh neh! Yvette surprise me how much she missed her dad while D was away for 2 weeks in Australia.

8. What were my disappointments this month?

Should I be disappointed that D wasn’t around on my birthday?

9. Any other events happened but I did not record here?

We have made several shopping trips but wasn’t record here. And several last mins one too.

There was one night we went down to United Square and Yvette actually eye on this dress but we didn’t approve. (We brought a pink dress instead.)

Jan 2011 review - IMG_0082 (2)

10. Favourite picture of Yvette with any extended family members.

Jan 2011 Review - IMG_0155

11. Favourite picture of Yvette with D or myself.

My favourite picture already published here.

12. Family picture for the month of January.

Jan 2011 Review - IMG_0126 (2)

13. Any goals for February?

  • Oh dear, I still think losing weight should be the top of my list but I can’t go on diet and barely got time to exercise.
  • I want to continue reading too. I have left my books untouched for half a month.
  • I wish to do more on home schooling.

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