Yvette: 2 yrs 8 mths (32 mths)

I am always late for development update now. Hopefully this is not the last month I pen down her development. Maybe I will update only once every two months.

Yvette turned 32mth on 13th Jan 2011.

IMG_0133 (2)

Besides emotionally development ( Tantrum, meltdown and anxiety), I have nothing to be cheerless about Yvette’s development.

As of 32 mths, she had accomplished several milestones and making me feel good about it.

On Learning

  • She could read both in English and Chinese independently but still prefer me to read together with her.  (She is definitely more advance in English. She is not really a fluent reader like Jacob yet, but she could read the Red Train Readers independently. (She is at Book 7 now.) I am thinking of getting Peter and Jane Reader Book for Yvette. As for Chinese, she could read level 2 of Wo Hui Du – Not all but quite a few books.) I also started her with 四五快读 – She is at Chapter 2 of Book 1 now.
  • She could spell simple word like, cat, dog, bus, cow, jet, fat, car, papa, mama, yeye, jiejie, gugu, ah yi, mat, one, two, three… … etc.
  • She is really obsessed with number.  D taught her 1 is A, 2 is B, 3 is C and at the very moment she remembers it instantly. So one day in school, she spoke up, Ms L, “the number 25 is missing”, her teacher looked around and trying to figure out what is missing. She quickly spoke up again, “there Y is 25 and it is missing”. Throw her any alphabet letter at any time, she will tell you the right answer. I can’t even remember.
  • She could do some activity books on her own without me giving her any instruction, especially sticker book.
  • She could cut using scissors . She could follow the line and cut. I let her cut instead of me cutting when during the activity time. Of course she didn’t do a good job, but she picks up the idea. She is learning how to fold now.
  • She could do simple Maths. And her ability on understanding maths concept impress us.
  • She had gone beyond 100. She could tell me 3 digit number in word and 4 digit number in word, eg. One hundred and fifty-five, One thousand and ten. (I taught her using the block number, bus number, car plate number and signboard.)
  • She could recite 1 to 12 timetable and learning how to apply them.
  • She knows, Panda in China, Kola bear & Kangaroo in Australia, a lot of sheep in New Zealand. She could recognize a few flags like Austria, Australia, Belgium, Croatia, Singapore (but sometimes she will forget.). She knows two continental on the map (thru puzzle – Europe and Australia.) (The knowledge is acquired thru puzzle and thru home learning activity we did with her.)
  • She is very vocal. She articulate her thought every single moment.

One down side on learning is, she couldn’t  focus long enough during lesson. I wonder because she already knows them or she just have short attention span.

On Self-Care

  • She could go toilet by herself. (Oh yes, suddenly she develops a love for potty ever since last Dec – remember she was very sick then. It was since then, she is heading toilet by herself. But she still need our help because she needs to wash her hand. After pee, she will pour her pee into the bowl herself. Thinking of getting the tap fix at her level. But for poop, she still needs our help to bring her to bowl. So pee can be at potty and poop has to be in bowl according to her preference.) She is accident free in school after the first week. Luckily I made a fuss over it, if not I will sure see regression!!! She is accident free during nap as well as night. But occasionally, I will encounter accident at night. (Last week was good, only once accident at night. ) Most of the time, she could stay dry throughout and she will wake up to pee.
  • She will take the imitative to feed herself now. Although not the entire bowl, she will usually get restless in the middle of the session, but then it is good enough.
  • She is attempt to bathe, dry, dress herself more.

Undesired habit

Yvette has some undesired habit too.

  • When she is feeling stress up or anxiety, she will put her hand in her mouth. (especially in school.)
  • She still love to dig her nose. How to kick this habit?
  • Good thing is she stop playing with her saliva.

How can I ask for more for a child like Yvette!

At 31 mths,

  • She started to pick up more Cantonese. (My diction is not very accruate.)
  • She started full day care and I am very surprise she could nap without having comfort. She cope so well with the change.
  • I realise she has lost interest in iPod Touch, even iPad. (Oh yes!  iPad! Our family is great Apple Fan.)
  • Her Creative Mind juice continue to flow.


  • She started to create her own story.
  • Her interesting speech for this month –
  • On 31 Dec 2010
    Yvette said: "I want to go bird park." I ask why she want to go there.
    She reply: "I want to go bird park because I want to see flamingo!" (She string the sentences using because)
  • On 17 Dec 2010
    I look at Yvette’s bread (with nutella) and ask her: 好吃吗?
    She nod her head.
    I ask: 我可以吃吗?
    She nod her head again.
    I take a bite! And Yvette’s reply was: "wow so big mouth!!!"
    Haha so funny!
  • She could recongise 10 cents, 20 cents & a dollar. Time to teach her more on this.
  • She could do Thumb up sign, number 4 & Ok sign. She is struggling with peace sign. (number 2)
  • She could jump finally! (A development I hope to delay the longest possible!!!)

I think this is so much I could recall. She is now 11.2kg (lose weight) and her height remains at 90cm.


11 thoughts on “Yvette: 2 yrs 8 mths (32 mths)

    • Yes, I am amazed how Yvette have progressed. I only started all the teaching at 18 mths and reading at 1 yo. Glad she is a fast learner and a keen one.

      Happy New Year to you and your family!

  1. I really think that Yvette is really good with numbers and has super duper memory!! Gosh…she amazed me that day! Haha… But it’s partly your effort too. For coaching her and dilligently bringing her to a variety of fun yet educational enrichments. Keep it up, Yvette! You may become one of the next top scorers for that kind of mental maths quiz in Singapore! Heehee… 🙂

  2. You haven’t considered to just let her use the toilet to urinate? I have not used the potty at all for Jacob. Now, wondering what to do with his leftover diapers.

    • Aiya Sam, you forgotten! Yvette never like potty till last Dec. The clinic need me to collect some urine of her and suggested me to let her sit on potty.

      I guess since then she find it “fun”. But the “fun” doesn’t last for so long lah.. Cos this is 31mth development update mah… this month, she switch back to bowl most of the time liao!!!

  3. wow well done! Im curious, did she memorize the answers for timetable or she understood the concept?Like does she know why 3X6 =18? Im asking because im in half a mind to teach my boy to memorize or to fully understand the concept behind mulitplication.

    • When we started off with it we just letting her to memorize. The we found out thru home learning using pom balls grouping them together in term of 2 by 2, 3 by 3, 4 by 4, 5 by 5, etc to illustrate the concept and she seems to be able to understand.

      I have a table of multiplication (about A3 size), some books (let me know if you are keen on the title of the books we are using, I can send you the book title with the picture of the book to you) and as well as have some toys for multiplication for her to play and read. Together with iPhone, we feel she is coping well with the progress which we didn’t plan for it. It was a simple conversation between myself and Sam that led me wanting to nurture in this area.

      We also teaching number bonding now. Eg. 1+1=2, 2+2=4, 3+3=6, etc, 1+9=10, 2+8=10, 3+7=10. (She already understand how to add up and while she is doing herself, she still prefer to count those before telling us the answer.Being an engineer and an accountant, both of us is fairly good with numbers and luckily, Yvette inherit from us.

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