D’s Home coming (& Lesson 3 with Mac)

I met a very good taxi driver today. As I was running late for class, he was more willing to try a route which he hardly take and we managed to reach there timely.

Yvette was having good mood today. Very participative and I could see she started to like this music lesson I have signed up for her. (Hopefully it remain as it is forever!)

After class, instead of taking taxi to airport we decided to take a train ride there. With heavy rain, there is always unexpected accident on the road. As such, I feel it will be more “safer” to take a train to airport instead of taxi.

The road there was easy for us too. A kind soul given up her seat to us. Yvette was in super good mood that made the long journey there shorter.

We supposed to head Terminal 1 but I alighted and existed wrongly at Terminal 3 instead. We then took a Sky train to T1. She wasn’t really cooperative when I asked her to pose for me but then I manage to take one of my liking.

Home Coming - IMG_0473

Eventually we reached the gate of T1. Yvette waited anxiously and not patiently for D. From time to time, she kept mumbling she wanted to go into the custom area.

Home Coming - IMG_0478

On the other hand, D also took a long time to come out too. He “wasted” some time in DFS shop to look for red wine….. hmmmmm….

Home Coming - IMG_0477

I hurried up D by texting him and I pointed out to Yvette D was at the cashier. She became more impatient when she heard D was just somewhere near us. D ran toward the glass door and waved to us before he came out. Yvette was overjoyed when she saw D and obviously this was an understatement. She was so happy and she couldn’t stop jumping!

Out of the gate, D scoped up Yvette and hugged her tightly. Well, he missed her more than me. @_@ It really a long wait for both of us and D is finally back home!

Home Coming - IMG_0480

We had our dinner at the airport. We found more play area at T3 too before and after we had our dinner. Yvette had great fun there. We do have a great family time there in the airport.

Home coming - IMG_0495

We finally headed back home after spending 2.5 hours there.

When we were home, D can’t wait to show many many present he had gotten for Yvette.

He really got too much for her!

Out of so many I really like the two Tees he brought for A20 each and this puzzle at good price.

Home coming -IMG_0503

Home coming - IMG_0508

Absence REALLY makes the heart grow fonder!


9 thoughts on “D’s Home coming (& Lesson 3 with Mac)

  1. Happy New Year Shirley! It’s so nice to see Yvette so happy in her daddy’s arms. Glad your hubby is finally home, must have been a very long two weeks for you and Yvette

  2. congrats on ur hubby’s safe return!
    now little yvette doesn’t need to cling on to her daddy’s shirt anymore 🙂

    gong xi fa cai!

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