Hello Ashlyn, Long Time No See!

I didn’t realise it been so long since our last meet up after Wendy reminded me so. Wendy is one of the winner of my recent give away. She decided to come down to my place to collect the CD and as well as for a playdate. (We did met up last CNY. Wendy returned things to me. But the last playdate was so long ago.)

Yvette was really happy to see Ashlyn. I believe being the only child, they do long for playmate. In a split moment, I realised Ashlyn has grown so big. She is a mature child now. She is more willingly to share and willingly to give in to Yvette (since Yvette is the younger). A potential good sister.

The girls had fun. They played everything from toys to doing artwork. Ashlyn was really cute at the moment she got to leave. Sadly she was close to her tear when Wendy announced it was about time to go home.

Playdate IMG_0464

Playdate IMG_0465

Oh well, please do come again ok. I am sure Yvette will love to have you as her regular playmate so that she could “bully” you! (P/S: There are some moments during the date, Yvette kept saying “No” “No” to Ashlyn!)


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