Yvette Could Cut with Scissors @ 32 mths

I gotten this scissors (a scissors that could only cut paper) for Yvette before she turned two yo last year. She was not able to cut paper using her first scissors till I gotten her another scissors (real scissors) around 27 mths.

Knowing the fact that both scissors I brought for Yvette will be safe for Yvette to pick up to practice the cutting by herself, I actually left those scissors within her reach. From time to time I saw Yvette picking up those scissors trying to cut by herself. The more she practice, the more she gets the hang of it. It’s a skill that takes practice.

Soon at 3oth mths, I know she could cut pretty well and I believe still there is room for improvement. Learning how to grasp and use scissors isn’t easy thus I didn’t really create opportunity to cut with her, or even practice with her, I left this to her.

At 32 mth, I realised she had already mastered how to cut a straight line without help and also she could follow the line to cut too. She could cut diagonally but still couldn’t cut a round shape.

Cut - IMG_0447

Cut - IMG_0451

Cut - IMG_0450
We started this activity book yesterday and within 2 days, she completed all the exercises in this book. And from doing all these exercises, I am amazed how persistent and determine Yvette are – taking ownership to cut.

Cut - IMG_0453 (2)

As I mentioned, my style is to let Yvette develop this skill independently, and I know she is almost there. If you are not comfortable with this method, you could read this site for more tips on how you could help your child to learn to cut.

Happy cutting!


12 thoughts on “Yvette Could Cut with Scissors @ 32 mths

  1. Actually I let Jacob use real scissors ever since I visited his current preschool when he was just 2yo. The principal showed me how they only let the kids use real scissors, and they draw lines for the kids to practise cutting, how they could do that and cut triangles & squares as well. All done in a manner that is manageable by kids of that age.

    • Actually the second scissors is real scissors. But still I let her cut without my supervise.

      Yeah, the activity book is sturture in this manner too. In dotted line so that the kids know where to cut. At this instant, I am assuming Jacob could cut very well too.

  2. He can only do short lines. Activity books, like the one you have, usually have much longer lines. The teacher does lines on harder paper so it’s easier for toddler to handle, and triangles & squares are done with only 2 short lines at the edge or corner of the paper. The best suggestion I read on the internet was to train the cutting skill using straws. *haha* Maybe after that can use the bits to string together like a necklace or bracelet (another interesting activity), but I didn’t bother. We did use the pieces JR cut out to make a pattern pasted on paper though.

  3. WOW… I was actually feeling limited in terms of craftwork since I’ve been doing all the pre-cutting for artwork for the boy, but reading the comments, I might just give the boy a scissors to let him try! Might also get the Kidi Kut, thanks for sharing!

  4. thanks sunflower,

    what a “duh” question i asked right? 😛
    anyway thanks! now i have something new for little girl to do! 🙂

    • haha… nvm… sometimes do speed reading and will miss that out. Oh yes, cutting is fun. And according to that site I have provided in this entry, it says tot do like to cut a lot.

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