Home Learning – Lunar New Year

After much struggle, I finally came out a new home learning theme which should probably take us through two weeks before I move on to another topic – Valentine.

It is not difficult to work on this but looking at the time I have on hand, it took me a week to complete. As a working mom, I strong believe that we shouldn’t not making extra effort to teach our child. Many will be making excuses reasons where got time but many didn’t see they can find time.

Life is about making choices!

When I was a SAHM, I am inspired by some mummies too. One of them is  Linette who is a full time working mum with schedule that she need to travel overseas to work makes effort to home school her younger girl till N1. (Hope I have gotten this fact correct. I remember I read somewhere in your blog.)Even now, she is still making effort to teach her two girls at home. Thumb up mummy!

You don’t have to sit down for 1 hour to learn. 15 mins or even 5 mins for a toddler like Yvette, it is good enough. All you need to do is to invest a lamination machine, printer, paint, some good quality drawing paper and some craft items at home and you are pretty safe and it should take you on.

Ok too much of side tracking and let me present my latest home learning material. I gotten this idea from this mummy here.


After I laminated all my material and then put them into this file, I realised I made a mistake on Red packet – it should be Red packet not packets. I used a pen to strike over it and this get a lot of questions from Yvette. Maybe I should reprint this? Another mistake I have made was, the picture of Yu Sheng went missing. I have cut another picture from the magazine and will do up the lamination using tape (creative idea from Sam). Somehow, Yvette is not very keen with the missing piece and so far she has not asked me any question on that.


I wanted to do a craft with her using those red packets (I have no lack of it.), but she refused to co-operate. Then I recalled Homeschool @ sg did one craft with her son using this word 福. I feel I can do the same with Yvette too.

Sadly I don’t have gold glitter at home. I have a few just don’t have gold. I manage to make do with it with a tape (don’t use low quality tape ; because it will tear the  paper.), I create the word on the drawing paper and let Yvette complete it with the paint. At the same time, I taught her this word too.


She was happily doing her painting while I made her breakfast for her. She is still not a breakfast person!


I have some CD relating to CNY too. I couldn’t persuade her this round but she had watched 淘树 before. Ok I brought those 淘树 CD long ago. (Recommended by Sam.) I got this 说说唱唱 – 新新年 recently. (I got my niece to buy it for me in Malaysia.) It is not of her liking.


She was such an angel this morning. Perhaps she miss home schooling. She allowed me read her book after book. Doing activity after activity. Dancing, singing and playing!

The craft dried up after an hour and here the end result. I heart it. (The lighting doesn’t make the Red Colour stand out nicely. I never touch up her work and left it as it is. It will definitely good if she could paint the whole paper red.  Oh well, nevertheless, I have pasted this craft on the wall as our CNY scrolls.)


P/S: The good news I have for today is, the fever never come back and I don’t even see her running nose too. I guess the school compound is too contagious… How I wish I can keep her at home for another day!


9 thoughts on “Home Learning – Lunar New Year

    • Hehe, actually this is not the first post I copied your idea. Feel free to browse when you have time.

      Could I check with you, do you know what is Tray of Togetherness in Chinese?

  1. Hee, thanks for mentioning me! I guess we are all trying our very best to be good mothers. After all, once the kids reach teens, they will not be spending that much time with us anymore…I love your 福 idea! Will be trying that out soon! You are an amazing mum too – still can teach so much and COOK even when you started cooking! At least I have my mum to help me on weekdays! *kowtow to you*

    • I agree, once our kids reach teens, they will not be spending that much time with me. I am trying my best too!

      Actually it is not difficult to cook, again it is time management too. (Don’t need to *kowtow*) hehe….

  2. Isn’t the string of firecrackers just called 鞭炮? That’s what they did at playgroup. And the big one that is put on the floor is called 双响炮. I didn’t even know it made 2 sounds.

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