How I spent my 33rd Birthday?

A back-dated post for 16th Jan 2011 (PM)

The morning was well spent.

We stay at home for about 2 hours for some activity – reading, doing activity book (Our learning activity now at home is all about activity book I brought from various store. I have yet got time to do anything like what I have done in the past.), played toys with Yvette before we went out again.

16th Jan PM - IMG_0255

We were heading to B’s Baby Boy Russell full month. It’s one weekend earlier than his supposed to be full month day. His dad is flying off and will be away for 9 days thus, they have to bring forward the full month.


16th Jan PM - IMG_0257

The full month celebration was held in the church and we didn’t stay for too ong mainly because Yvette was giving out signs that she was tired and ready for nap.

I took a bus to my SIL from Hougang. It’s a long ride but then Yvette managed to doze off and remained in deep sleep even I have placed her on my SIL’s bed. The next two hours were relax for me. (I have taken care of FIL back home.)

We went back to Watami at J8 for dinner (We have $65 worth of voucher.) to celebrate my birthday again. During our meal, I persuaded Yvette to cut her hair knowing there is Junior League at J8. (CNY is coming, we wish to cut Yvette’s hair for this.)

She agreed.

We went up to Junior League (think at 3rd floor), that hairdresser told me she was done for the day. Yvette insisted she needed a cut to day so I popped into Ec House for cut. (I couldn’t believe I dare to make such decision.)

To cut hair in this place is pretty easy. You just need to slot in 10 bucks into this machine. The machine will dispense a card and pass the card to the hair dresser will do.

16th Jan PM - IMG_0262


Surprisingly Yvette was pretty excited. She climbed up the chair all by herself and even posed for us before the cut.

16th Jan PM - IMG_0260

16th Jan PM - IMG_0261

During the cut, there was some apprehension but my niece manage to distract her. Every moment did sail on smooth during the cut.


Happily, she announced to everyone she had her very much needed cut!

Did I ever mentioned Yvette is a very random person? She does everything base on her immediately feel and gut. She does not give up so easily if she really wants it!

She wanted to do the art at very last minutes before we wanted to left the mall. Arrr… because it was my birthday, I didn’t wish to manage meltdown, I obliged!

16th Jan PM - IMG_0264

This art was completed with the help of us because it was really very late, closed to 9.30 when we left the mall.

16th Jan PM - IMG_0367

Although, this is the first birthday without D, I still spend it with my family member and at the end of the day, I know Yvette was as happy as me!


15 thoughts on “How I spent my 33rd Birthday?

  1. Happy birthday!

    Yeah, i’ve brought JR to EC house before (at northpoint yishun). But he wasn’t too comfortable. I had to hold him in the end. I’ve stuck to junior league ever since. The one at j8 always gels his hair real cool and he loves that.

  2. hi, i think yvette is a good girl. I think my boy will struggle like maid if we bring him to hair dresser. Btw, which Yu Ren Sheng clinic branch did you go? Any recommendation for the sinseh? My boy is on/off flu & coughing for 1 month already.

    • I think I am lucky, nici. It was Yvette who insisted. But I will try again next round.

      We see Chan Jan Kai at TPY branch at Blk 79. (It is next to the community centre in the central. Very easy to find.)

      I hope your son will recover soon.

    • Actually I never thought she could sit there and let the hair dresser cut. She insisted, that why I gave in. I will never think of this. Unless you really confident about it, if not don’t take risk!

      Zhi-En got a nice hair cut too!

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