First Ikea Trip in 2011

Zhi En’s mummy texted asking me about the protection sheet that I am using after she read about this entry.  I told her I got it mostly from Ikea and asked her to go Ikea with me today and she agreed.

We meet up to have dinner in TPY but we didn’t sit together. haha.. ok.. because my sister’s bf joined us. But we are stilling just behind them so Yvette got some interaction with Zhi En.

Nice hair cut Zhi En had there. And he is such a tall boy. I find funny Zhi En got to call Yvette Jie Jie because of his height. He definitely look much bigger than Yvette.

We drove to Alexandra Ikea separately too.

While waiting for them to arrive, she started to make herself like home!

Ikea Jan 2011 - IMG_0243

She never get sick playing the same toys in the Children Department.

Ikea Jan 2011 - IMG_0238

While my sister and her boyfriend looking after Yvette, I manage to shop with JZ when R helping to look after Zhi En.

This is the first protector I got waterproof pad from Baby Mall Online ever since I started potty training. These are good when Yvette was younger. Now she could hold longer, any miss will slip thru.

Ikea Jan 2011 - IMG_0225

This is from Ikea. Serve the same purpose as above. I brought this to place on top of the sheet I already have at home. This cost me S$9.90.


Ikea Jan 2011 - IMG_0227

I find Yvette doesn’t sleep comfortably on this and I decided to find another protector to again lay over it.

I got this from Ikea. It cost me S$19. JZ didn’t get this eventually. She gotten herself the fleece blanket to act as a protector. (She will definitely share after she test on it.)

Ikea Jan 2011 - IMG_0241

This is mattress pad and there are various size in Ikea. The price range from S$19 to S$59. (3 sizes, I remember.)

While we were discussing what to buy, Yvette and Zhi En were happily  doing pretend play on the table.

Ikea Jan 2011 - IMG_0244

I got myself some storage box to tidy up the house. And these boxes are really useful. They are cheap too.

Ikea Jan 2011 - IMG_0381 I still need some. Will back to Ikea again.


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