T.G.I.F – A Weekday to Relax

I love Friday.

I love I could relax after my meal.

It been busy. Very busy. Day in day out, housework, work, tantrum, meltdown and Yvette. I feel all burn out at the end of everyday but except for Friday.

Dinner will be done by 7.30 pm or sometimes earlier and I will cast everything aside. I will start to play with Yvette till as late as 9.30 pm and then I will chase her off to bed. (She already bathed when she was back home after her passed motion.)

TGIF - IMG_0231

TGIF - IMG_0233

Kids really have short attention span. After playing for just 20 mins, the above is the 4th or 5th toys already. She moved on to Snake and ladder. The forgotten toy!

TGIF - IMG_0363

Then my sister was back and I pulled out my shoes to show her. Yvette loves shoes, she loves our shoes even more. She started her drama mama act after she saw my shoes. Can’t wait to put it on!!!

TGIF - IMG_0365

How I wish everyday is Friday!


4 thoughts on “T.G.I.F – A Weekday to Relax

  1. Good that you find that relaxing. Wah, from what I read – it’s filled with activity! And as long as there’s a child involved, i don’t personally find that relaxing at all!

    • I think because the quality time is so little now, thus I find relaxing. And more over I don’t need to make food preparation for the next day that make me feel relax too.

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