Our New Routine – First week of work!!! (11th to 16th Jan)

The entire week is crazy for me. There is only one word could describe after looking at the quality time I could spend with Yvette for the entire week is pathetic!

I miss my Yvette so much!

This week is even more stressful. I am facing tantrum day in day out. FIL started to scold Yvette due to her crying and that added very much to my frustration!

A typical weekday schedule for us since I started working had been (I will update how I cope without hubby and yet manage to cook almost every meal much later.) :

(Only Tuesday I am up at 5 am due to there is a pile of clothing I have yet iron, if not, usually I am up at 6 am and usually knock out at 11 plus almost every day. If my bio-clock works well, I will be able to sleep thru for 7 hours. If my bio-clock decides otherwise, I will be up for 1-2 hours before I could doze off again.)

6.00 am – Up and start my day with laundry (Either I have washed before I sleep or I will wash before I go to work). Before the year ended last year, we invested a new washing machine with a more sophisticated function such as Energy saving; water consumption saving; (I could set the timing and the amount of water required for per wash. Our old washing machine of 12 years does not have this function.) I will also find time to do some ironing too. I decide to do laundry everyday because piling up the clothing will definitely put me off. And moreover, the amount of water and the electricity we use for 2-3 full load wash per week is equivalent to 6 quarter load or half load wash per week.) Tumble dry; (my house doesn’t have any space for dryer anymore. This function come handy especially the weather now.)

6.20 am – Start to cook dinner and prepare breakfast for FIL. In the past, FIL will eat porridge in the morning but now, due to work and I don’t have so much time to cook two different variety of porridge in the morning, we change it to Bun, Zhu Chang Fen, Yam Cake, Rice Cake, etc. As for dinner, I will usually boil the soup and cook the rice and it will consider done for the morning. I will cook the porridge for FIL and put them in thermal pot. I will get his food all ready including fruits, snack and leave them on the coffee table.

7.15 am – I will start to get prepare. Bathe and dress myself up for work.

7.30 am – Start to wake Yvette up. Clean Yvette, Feed Yvette breakfast.

8.15 am to 8.30 am – Leave house to CC and head to work

9.00 am to 6.15 pm – Sanity Time @ work

6.30 pm to 6.45 pm – Reach TPY and head home. (D will be fetching Yvette for this week but for the next two weeks, I will be the one that do the fetching because he is now out of town for biz trip.)

7.00 pm – Cook the main course (I prefer steam, grill and stew. If stew or braised, it will be cooked in the morning.) and the vegetable. I serve the veg from the soup and the meat from the main course immediately after it is done. At the same time, Yvette will be busy playing her toys and seeking our attention.

8.00 pm – By 8 we should have finished our dinner, I will bathe Yvette and try to spend some time with her. But usually sadly I don’t have time for her till 9 pm.

8.00 pm to 9 pm – Prepare food for tomorrow dinner. Marinate meat, (meat is already unfreeze in the fridge before I go to work.) cut veg, etc. (Yvette will be watching any CD she wish to see. No choice got to use educational CD to babysit Yvette. 😦 ) D will be mopping floor and tidy the house. Arrr… these two weeks he not around…. die liao!!!!!

9 pm – Play toy with Yvette, Read to Yvette or do activity book with Yvette. (The only hour of quality time we have!!!)

10 pm – Bring Yvette to sleep and hopefully she will sleep ASAP!!!

The cooking and washing really wear me out! I still mop floor everyday even D is away. Some of the routines change; like bathing Yvette. Now I bathe her after she poops when she is home. (So far, she only pooped once or twice in school. Her backside only want to sit on the bowl at home to poop. Very strange!) I need a temp lady to come in ASAP to wash toilet, do some ironing and as well as doing any general cleaning like wipe my two glass doors, clean the window, etc!!!

Anyone has recommendation for me? Email me @ sunflower700@gmail.com Thanks!


11 thoughts on “Our New Routine – First week of work!!! (11th to 16th Jan)

  1. wow, it sounds like a really intensive routine!

    i would also knock out everynight once i hit pillow if i hv your busy routine…

    how do u wash up after dinner so fast?
    would hv taken me about half hr to 45 mins to wash up after eating….

    you are really an amazing woman… wonderful mum and DIL…
    your hubby is really blessed to have you!

    • jnj,

      Dinner will usually at 7 pm for us if D is back home becos we usually reach home at 6.30 pm. Washing started immediately after I finish my diner. I am the type that can eat fast. Then from 7.30pm to 9 pm, I multi-task. Wash, attend to Yvette, food preparation.

      I am not amazing. I believe with a right set of mind, a lot of things can be done.

      I am quite sure D and Yvette is blessed to have me but not my FIL. I am not his fav. I am merely doing my duty as a wife offing the load for my husband.

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  3. Wow you have a really tedious routine. I salute you!

    (I just read about yr reason for not getting a dryer, so ignore my previous comment on yr latest post.)

  4. Hi, I chanced upon your blog today. Your blog is amazing, esp the homeschooling activities you did with you daughter. I will surely come back and visit often.

    This post is like a year ago, wonder how are you coping with your daily routine now. One suggestion is to change your evening routine a bit, let your daughter sleep early, since you are done with dinner by 8pm, your husband can wash the plates, u can bath Yvette, and spend time with her and let her be bed by 9pm. It is good for her and for all of you. After she sleeps, you can then do preparations for the next day. U don’t need to cut veg everyday also, you can cut and freshly store them for one week. Also, since u r preparing next day dinner in the night, u might as well cook the soup too so that u don’t need to cook in the morning. From what I read, you have spent too much time for your meal preparations.

    You can also get your husband to help you in the morning. My husband is usually the one to bath or change my daughter while I have breakfast and get myself ready to work

    Do you really need to do laundry everyday? I do it 3 times a week maximum, once in the weekday, 1-2 times during weekends. Laundry too me is not really a heavy chore. It shouldn’t be too much a burden. Ironing will be once a week.

    I really salute you for having so much energy and doing so much housework and still doing so many activites with your child. I don’t have the amount of energy u have, and I need 7-8 hrs sleep everyday, I also need to take afternoon nap on weekends if we are not outside. Taking care of yourself is as important as taking care of your child and other family members, coz when u r down, nobody can replace u. I have at least 1hr free time every night before I sleep, that’s my ‘me’ time, I read, I write or sometimes I will watch a bit of TV with my husband. I sleep before 11 everyday. My daughter’s bed time routine starts at 8 and she wil be bed by 830. She never slept later than 9. Of course she is only 18 month old. But I think children at Yvette’s age still needs at least 10hrs sleep. 10pm is too late for her!

    • Abby,

      Thanks for your long comment. Things has been better and much more managable.

      Hope you find something useful here as I have no plan to update it any sooner.

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