Our Child(ren)s’ Laughter

I am sure every parent has this experience. There will be always a smile on your face when you hear your child(ren) is/are laughing their chest out.

I have never blog about how contagious it is….  I miss Yvette’s laughter since D left us last Saturday. She is more emotionally stable now over her Papa’s departure but still she rarely broken into laughter.

For the first time of this week, I heading home without much stress and knowing Yvette should be very happy now.

Not a single kid like to be the last to go home. I always make it the point and ensure Yvette won’t be the last one. (That is the reason why keeping the CC nearest to home help.) When D is around, Yvette will be picked up by him at 6 in the evening. Now she is leaving the CC at  6.25 pm. I am trying my best to travel there as fast as I could but sadly this is the earliest I could pick her up. (I usually leave office at 6.05 pm to 6.10 pm. Walk to MRT, 7 mins Train ride and then walk to CC will usually take up another 15 mins.)

Today, so happen my sister was on Medical Leave and she texted me whether I want her to pick Yvette up from CC. Of course I said Yes to her. I am very sure Yvette will be very happy too.

They picked her up at 5 plus and then they went to buy some food before they headed back home. (I only cooked two dishes today. I asked my sister to buy more food as her boyfriend is joining us for dinner.)

When I was at the door, I could hear Yvette laughing behind the door. When I opened the door, she too engrossed with the activity she was doing with my sister’s boyfriend and had never noticed I was back home. But I didn’t waited for too long, she greeted me with one of her biggest Megawati Smile.

The rest of the evening was really relax for me. My sister had tidy up the house for me. Washed all the dirty plate that left in the sink by my FIL . We had dinner together and I have them to babysit Yvette while I get those ingredients ready for tomorrow dinner.

I still have time to play ball with Yvette. Yvette had so much fun. Some pictures here are blur but I guess, most importantly a moment is being captured. I simply love her laughter!

Playing ball - IMG_0336

Playing ball - IMG_0341

Playing ball - IMG_0342

In the midst of our kicking ball session, she knee down and started to count down the number of days left. I am very sure she miss all these moments with D.

Yvette, Papa will be back soon, another 9 days more!

Playing ball - IMG_0344

I took a video clip when we were playing the ball with her. (Did I ever say she is obsessed with ball since she was a baby) This video recorded down her laughter. A moment I wish it can last forever, EVER.

I am counting all these blessing day by day!


18 thoughts on “Our Child(ren)s’ Laughter

  1. Hi sunflower,
    Remember me>>…I was the one who asked about a kid will go pee while they’re taking their nap. Now, I have done 3 experiments and the result is….you are RIGHT!!! They can hold their pee for 2 hrs during nap. Amaazinng!! I promised I share with you right…hehe. Few things I would like to say:
    – Happy belated birthday dear! Hope you have the healthiest and happiest family ever. And hope that your wish to get a 2nd baby comes true this year.

    – I can feel your anxiety after you join workforce. I am a FTWM myself and even after 1.5 yrs my boy was born, I’m still struggling with things like: not enough bonding time with kid, how to cope with houseworks (although I have my parents helping me but they’re so old already and I really want to ease their load), etc. Have you ever considered hiring a maid? If you’re comfortable in terms of financial, you may want to consider this option. Why I am saying this is because I feel as a working mother we have the ‘rights’ to hire maid so that we can spend more quality time with kids and not burning ourselves with house chores. Alternatively, you can order tingkat? at least you can save your time for cooking so that you can have extra sleep in the morning. Just a suggestion coming from a working mother who’s now also very confused on how to cope up…hahaha.

    – Please continue writing your blog (if you can). Your blog is giving me inspiration in lots of thing. And now that you’re working mother already, we’re on the same battle ground. And reading your blog makes me feel that I’m not alone facing these typical working mother’s problems. hehe

    • nici,

      Thanks for all the kind comments. I am glad you did the experiment and found out yourself. You will then see the improvement thereafter. Because of unknown factors, we always stay where we are. We only move on when we gain confident over time while trying out our own, reading ppl’s experience and learning from other.

      Hiring maid option is on hold now. Although I blog, that doesn’t mean I don’t treasure my privacy. I love staying at home just with my DD alone. (I always feel maid is an outsider. – bad me)

      As for tingkat, sigh, FIL doesn’t like. But then of course, I do like to cook and my family loves my cooking.

      I will try my best to write. This site is the place for me to reflect, connect and refine.

  2. Only related to nici’s comment:
    I must agree that I was amazed that my 2.5 yo could hold for his 2 h nap, then also for an entire night (about 9 h). Of course he wet himself the moment he woke up cos I haven’t taught him to hold till he gets to the potty!

    It’s also due to this blog that I was somewhat assured that this is possible.

  3. Hi JZ & sunflower,
    oh, is it really toddler can hold their pee for 9 hrs during night? Did you experience it yourself? 9 hrs seems so long. Is it true we should settle the day time potty training first before we move on to night potty training? Pardon me, I almost have no time to read books on potty training.

  4. Great to see yvette so happy and laughing! Tell yourself that’s about a week to go. Heehee.. Jia you both yvette and shirley! CNY is coming…that’s a long holiday for the family. 🙂

  5. I read abt how Yvette is so attached to her daddy, and it is so touching! I am glad she had got over it and is now her happy usual self again. I do agree…children’s laughter is the best! As for being a FTWM, hang in there!! As a working mum myself, there are lots of challenges (and conflicting emotions) that never fail to be obstacles for us, but I take it as a challenge to be an octopus – 8 tentacles, and hopefully, strong in multi-tasking 🙂

    • You know I read about how you and your hubby spent the weekend in Beijing this morning using my phone, I was as touched as well. By the time Yvette is as old as your big bee, I think I will have already know my hubby for about 18 years. I hope our love will be as strong just like your marriage.

      Yeah, I was always closed to tear when Yvette cried for D, and occasionally she does cry for him in her dream – calling our “I want Papa!”

      I am learning from you. I love your recently home-learning post on corn and harvest and as well as the field trip to farm. (I am your blog post subscriber.)

      I am so INSPIRED by you.

      As a working mom, I strong believe that we shouldn’t not making extra effort to teach our child. And the good news is, I have already prepared my first set of learning material for these two weeks. I hope I have the time to post!

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