Help is on the Way!!!

Thanks jnj for the tips. I heard of this method but I never thought this will still workable for a toddler. I pulled one Tee from the cupboard and passed it to Yvette. She recognised the Tee instantly and been holding on to it.

To avoid her from howling before sleep we did the same like we did yesterday. We left the computer on so that Yvette could look at her Papa thru the computer screen. Indeed, this work wonder. But then her sleep has been very much interrupted since last Saturday. On average, she only dozed off at 11.15 pm which is very very late.

Help - IMG_0276

Holding on the Black Tee of D and looking into web cam for her papa making Yvette feeling much more better.

I have asked D to login earlier tomorrow. Let’s hope she will sleep earlier day by day.

Lastly I come out with this method – Counting down the days. (This is good to learn days of the week too.)

I removed the calendar from the planner that my insurance agent given to me and pasted it on the wall. Her school had already teaching the tots Date, Days, Months, Year before each lesson starts in Playgroup. There is no reason Yvette didn’t pick up this knowledge as of now. So I got her attention by asking her what is today date and she got it all correct.  To me, she understands we counting down our day and everyday is not the same. With that understanding, I started to explain the meaning of this calendar and then helping her to count down the day she will be seeing her Papa again.

Help - IMG_0274

With all these in place, I hope I could help her to ease off the separation anxiety within her over this period of time.

P/S: I couldn’t sleep that why I am updating this site! I am still very worry about tomorrow! More tips please!


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