My Blog Turns 3 & I am 33

I find it hard to credit, but, as of today, I have been writing this blog for precisely three years. So, I am wishing my blog a big happy birthday. I hope you do, too.

Now, I had no idea I would still be writing, after three years, when I began…but here I am. I find, now, that keeping the blog has become a natural part of my life, so I can envisage continuing to do so, as long as the writing remains enjoyable (which I see no reason to think it won’t be, forever and a day, at least).

I am glad with the current technology I could write much easily when I am on the road. D got me a iPhone 4 as Christmas Gift last year and this phone is really a great help to me. I always pen down my entry as I am travelling and indeed keeping this blog up-to-date as of now.

Thank you to all my loyal long term readers and my newer readers, too, and it is my hope that these more recent ones, become future long term ones, too.

Thanks for reading.

At the same time, I am 33 today.

D was not with me for the first time ever during my birthday. I do feel a little down because I am, at the same time managing Yvette’s separation anxiety during this period. It seems she is missing her Papa too much than I expect.

My sister in law got me a bag and I love it so much. It is so durable and much lighter than the current bag I am carrying now! My sister got me a pouch and again this comes in handy. I wanted to get something for myself and yet I still didn’t have much time to get it.

33 birthday - IMG_0231

This bag is really worth the value!

33 birthday IMG_0239

I got some treats too. My SIL brought me dinner last weekend and Crystal’s mum got me a cake and a drink!

Thank You So Much!

Since today is a happy occasion for me, I would like to do some give away too. (Crystal’s mummy let me know yesterday, it is counted as blessing if I could give.)

I got this Chinese CD  with  a book that I bought for Yvette but it was left in the drawer for the longest period of time that I didn’t realise till I do some packing recently.

33 Birthday IMG_0237

I got this set of flash card that was given me as a gift and I will like to give it off.

33 birthday IMG_0238

I got this CD which my niece brought wrongly.

33 birthday IMG_0240

These are all brand new!

To win this, it is easy.

All you have to do is to Leave a Comment on this post and tell me –

To tell me you are reading my blog and maybe more about yourself?  And also which gift you will like to receive from me. Hey, regular readers could participate too!

This is my little way of saying Thank You for your support for this blog. So for this round, any comment thru email will not be counted!

I hope most of you will want to take part of this give away!

P/S: This giveaway will be up till 23/01.  Result will be out after I get Yvette to draw! 😀 Properly the week after.


26 thoughts on “My Blog Turns 3 & I am 33

  1. Hi Sunflower, Happy birthday! Thanks for constantly updating your blog and sharing your home schooling activities. Ally and I would love the chinese CD and book since she is starting to show an interest in Mandarin. The other day she came home singing 拔萝卜 and I had no idea what song it was till I asked a friend.
    Hope the next 2 weeks fly by soon, it’s hard parenting alone, been there as well.

    • Jillian,

      It nice to hear Ally now likes Chinese. I think it will not be easy for you to teach her that. Jia You. (Your English is very good and your Hubby can’t teach. This is the reason I feel why it is hard for you to teach.)

      I note what you want.

  2. hello!
    i am reading your blog 🙂
    came across when looking for ideas to teach my soon to be 2 yr old , couple of months back n have been impressed and inspired by you 🙂
    am a sahm with another 8 mth boy, and its been a challenge trying to find time to teach her, with her short attention span n little boy crawling all over!

    would be nice to hv the san zi jing to teach my girl chinese?
    keep up the good work!!

  3. Hello hello! I think you need no intro from me… 🙂 Happy birthday, and happy bloggy birthday too! Either CD would be nice, you know how I’m trying to get the little boy to like Chinese! Thanks for the giveaway!

    Also, I’ve always admired how you’ve managed to juggle everything. Home-lessons, blogging, and now work. I think you’re really amazing how you cope now with hubby away, here’s wishing him a safe trip, and that Yvette will be able to cope, poor girl! Take care of those cut fingers, and am glad the fever’s gone!

    • Jus,

      This is mental torturing. She been crying for 2 nights for the PaPa. How you ease your son from such situation? I notice your hubby does travel too.

      I note what you want.

      • Sorry for the late reply… Yes, I saw how she’s been so sad… 😦 But she’s doing much better now right? I guess for us, the little boy is more used to papa not being around at nights on certain days (when hubby is on call, he works 24 hours and does not come home til the next morning). When he was away in China on a mission trip, we had nightly skype sessions but the connection was bad so it was mainly talking and no visuals. I sometimes get him to do stuff for his papa too, like write notes/draw things to “send to papa”, but I think the T-shirt idea was great! Hang in there!

  4. hi birthday gal and little Yvette

    I always your loyal reader. Vel likes to read your blog too 🙂

    I would like to have the Chinese CD… I don’t have any Chinese songs for my kids b4 and that will be a great start to sing chinese songs in the car 😛

    Yvette, please please select me okay 🙂 Later i get u sweets.. hehe

    • Stella, I am excited! If you don’t win, I got something for Velda… haha.. not Zac cos I rarely shop for boy. I am sure you will love it! Just in time for cold cold weather and CNY!

  5. hi, i’m not looking at your giveaways but just want to wish you happy birthday. I love reading your blog (I think I have been following your blog for nearly a year but rarely comment :P) especially your home schooling activities with yvette. My gal is born in Aug 2008. as our gal’s age quite close, you have given me alot of tips thru your blog. 🙂
    Hope you will continue blogging even after you start your job.

  6. hi hi shirley,
    I just want to wish u Happy birthday. Thanks for everything and your sharing. Have learnt a lot from your blog and sweet little Yvette. Hope Yvette ‘s seperation anxiety fr daddy will be over soon and will ask C to hug Yvette more during tis 2 weeks. Jia you !

    • Thanks for everything too!

      Crystal is so loving yesterday. Yvette is always nonchalant and need to warm up.

      P/S: Will put you in the draw for the fun of it. If not we don’t have many to draw! haha!!!

  7. Hi Sunflower,
    I’m commenting not for the giveaway but simply just want to wish you a Happy Birthday! Nowadays I read blogs but seldom comment cos I read quickly on the go. Hope Yvette copes better without her daddy soon, it’s “heartpain” to read abt her crying so badly for her daddy. You hang in there too! Wishing you happiness, fruitfulness and success in all that you do this year!

    • Ing,

      Thanks for taking the trouble to wish me. I am like you now, quickly read and go using my iphone. Lucky I have iphone if not, I rarely have time to sit on computer during the weekday now. Unless my bio clock is not functioning well like yesterday. (I was up at around 3.45 am and back to slumber at 5.30 am. Manage to catch an hour of very much needed sleep and then up at 6.30 am.)

  8. Hi Sunflower,

    I have be so busy lately that I have not be on the net for so long. Popped by here today and realised that it is your bday few days ago. Though it is a bit late… Happi Belated Birthday! :)*-

  9. Shirley, you are one of the few mummies whom i keep in touch with after attending mummies gathering held by forum members. I enjoy reading your blog! Because i get to keep in touch with you in a way, know how you and yvette are doing and watch yvette grow from a baby to toddler and almost a child now! How time flies. Not forgetting feeling inspired by how you educate and care for yvette as a sahm like me! I would like to have either the chinese cd or 三字经 cd please. Thank you! Shirley, keep in touch and jia you! 🙂

    • Wendy,

      Thanks for answering my “call”! Your very first comment after reading this site for so long. Thanks for the well wish too.

      You are the only one mummies whom I keeping in touch. (It been so long ago. See this post, a entry where I blog when first meet up with you. – Thanks for walking my motherhood together with me. You have taken good care of Ashlyn and I am admiring your sacrifices you have made for Ashlyn.

      Via blog, FB we could keep in touch. I been lazy to left comment but I always try making effort to keep up with you via FB, a platform where we usually chat and comment or via SMS.

      Nice knowing you, and hope both of us grow old together though you are so much younger!

  10. Shirley, i will comment more often in future! I have never come across that entry! Gosh, yvette was only coming one then and ashlyn was coming eighteen months. Sounds so long ago. Nah, age is not a factor when it comes to friendship and we are just a mere seven years difference, not that huge! So yup, hopefully we can grow old together and watch how each other’s kids become bigger and bigger and into adults! Haha.. Thanks for sharing so much with me for these past two years! We shall keep in touch. 🙂

    • haha… this is so long ago. I hope to see you here more often. You know I did visit ido forum but I only comment your entry so far. But I always love to read your view. So now I read when I have time and hardly comment.

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