A Day of Madness without D (& Lesson 2 with Mac)

Today was terrible.

D flew off to Perth early in the morning without a proper goodbye to Yvette which ruined her day. She woke up early in the morning looking for him. Her cries for her Papa moved me to tear. I was really caught unprepared for such reaction from her.

No papa Day - IMG_0230

This is D’s first biz trip ever since Yvette was born. So we been talking about it since the trip was confirmed 2 to 3 weeks ago. Nevertheless, the situation didn’t turn out favourable to us or to me. She was perpetually in one of her loudly mood this morning. Maybe it could be due the “sudden” disappearance after D spending whole day taking care of her making the acceptance of his departure harder to this little girl.

I took an hour to pacify her. We went market with my sister and then to McDonald  for breakfast.

No Papa Day - IMG_0221

The next two hours were madness too!

We went home after our breakfast and I need to prepare food for  my FIL before we left home again. For this round, I didn’t cook. Too rush to cook because I still have some housework to do.  I packed his lunch and dinner instead. I served him his favourite lunch and then put the Bee Hoon in the Thermal Pot so that the Bee Hoon will be still warm when it is time for him to eat.

I left home after finished most of the housework I planned to do (Yeah, I had did all the laundry for this week that including iron all the clothes and packed Yvette’s bag for Monday.) (Yvette’s fever was gone for good too.) However I didn’t manage to get a cab to Forum and ended up to travel there by public transport. (We are 15 mins late this round.)

Yvette dozed off when I am rushing to the school and was not really keen to participate in the lesson. She cried during lesson not because the lesson wasn’t interesting this round but she very unwilling to cooperate. She is really grouchy! (Since I know Mac personally I will not update this site with detail. I will just update this site with on how Yvette response to the lesson so to keep track of her learning.)

After the lesson we have meal in a cafe at basement and our girls had fun. (Thanks for the treat!)

No Papa Day - IMG_0234

I rushed off to Eunice’s son full month after our meal. I got a great time catching up with only one ex-classmate, (I am already late.) and Yvette likes her so much. (Lazymummy, Yvette likes Xiuling a lot!) As I am already in the West, I make a trip to my mum’s place today instead of tomorrow.

I spent 3 hours at my mum’s place and decided to head home to MSN D. (His company ban Skype. So we are using MSN to do video con.) However, surprisingly, Yvette dozed off at 8 plus when we were in the cab. That’s a good news. But the bad news was, she woke up and saw D inside computer and started to cry again.

Again, her reaction toward communicating with Papa via a computer moved me to tear. (Although I remember she already understands the meaning of miss when she was 20th months) She really miss Papa a lot! She kept crying for him! She finally dozed off again in tear after I closed the window and I pat her to her slumber!

I hope these two weeks will fly off quickly!


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