Yvette is Down with Fever

I expect this to happen but I didn’t expect it will happen so fast. Yvette’s health status is looking strong to me because when I fetch her in the evening at 5 pm during her first week of school, there was only a few tots! (6 (vs 14) to be exact on Friday 07/01/11.) So when I encountered great difficulty on waking her up yesterday, I do feel something is going to happen.

When I bathed her yesterday, I could feel some heat coming out from her body. On that very moment, I am very sure she is running a mild fever without a need to get my thermometer to check her temperature. With that, I told D who is having his off day tomorrow, to keep Yvette home. (FYI: D’s company do have a benefit where the employees work for 9 hours each day for 9 days and the Friday at end of 2 weeks will be their off day. It is call 9-Eighty! Work 80 hours in 9 days)

Initially D resist the idea on taking her alone, but in the end, I believe, he feel he should at least give it a try after all, Yvette could cope well in school without me! So he bit the bullet and took on the “New” challenge! (BTW, I have just started work and took on a 6 mths contract position. Contract position doesn’t offer me Child Care leave and I only have 7 days AL and 7 days Medical leave.)

Strangely Yvette was up very early in the morning at 6 plus and looking well. She was in super good mood when she was up and didn’t make much fuss over her fever. D was up as well because I need to prepare dinner in the morning before I go to work. She requested to turn on her 乘法表 CD. She was in high spirit as she watched the CD and eating her Sweet Sweet Meat Bao (Char Siew Bun).

Sick - IMG_0201

I also cooked lunch for them as well before I left for work this morning. I didn’t want D to get into a situation when they need food and yet he can’t go because Yvette will be sleeping or the fever is high to the extend it is not possible to get out of the house.

Sick - IMG_0206

The egg is missing. It is in the cooker.

I fed her Bifen at 6 am when she was up and the fever had subsided before I left home together with my sister this morning to market instead of heading to work. (I realized I still have some time in the morning to go market to get some meat. I made a to and fro trip to market and back home leaving the meat at the door sms D to notify him to pick up from there.)

Yvette said “Bye Bye Mama, I see you tonight” to me with most “understanding tone” I wish to hear.  Although I am really sad and feeling down that I couldn’t take care of her when she is not well for the first time EVER, but I know she will be in good hand.

I think the weather is driving us crazy. The cold cold weather is testing all our immune system. Plus having a CC that is fully air conditional doesn’t do good.

According to D, Yvette remained very active from 6 am till 4 in the afternoon and only dozed off at 4.30pm!!! (She was sitting on her bed when she dozed off!)

Goodness!!! All she wants is play and never bother by the fever. On the bright side, Yvette’s fever is only range from 37 to 38 degree!

In the evening when I am back home, she looked perfectly alright and I would say, her fever is like more or less gone for good. Finally, Friday night is the only night I could relax. We have 2-3 hours quality time together playing puzzle (I got some puzzle for her last year and only received today. Thanks Crystal’s mum bring them down to me.)

Sick - IMG_0215

Hopefully she will be fit for her music lesson tomorrow.

Girl Girl, get well soon!

P/S: My mind is so occupied with Yvette’s fever that I even cut myself while I slicing the fish cake! @_@ (I can’t remember when is the last time I cut myself in the kitchen!)

Sick - IMG_0198

It was quite a deep cut actually!



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