FTWM’s Voice: She just could get up this morning!‏

Since the day we started to send Yvette to CC, at 10 pm every night, we will try to condition Yvette to sleep by both of us staying in the room with her and with the lights switch off at latest 10.20 pm. (We don’t pat her or nurse her to sleep anymore since she is close to 2 yo.) Initially she didn’t have problem to fall asleep and usually she will sleep around 10.15pm to 10.30 pm. But situation changed after I started work. She started to sleep later than 10.30 pm and kept wanting us to read to her, play with her or talk to her. Yesterday I dozed off at close to 11 pm and I have no idea whether Yvette had entered the slumber land as me. (At times, when both of us already sleep, Yvette is still awake, doing nothing but her eyes remain open!)


She is still sleeping at 8.15 am!

This morning for the first time ever, there was no way I could wake Yvette up. She was sub-consciously awake requesting me to nurse her from 6 plus in the morning till 7.30 am in the morning. And she knock out totally after the last fed and “refuse” to wake up anymore. As such, I got to bring her uniform, her shoes, her bag, carry her to school with her sleeping


She slept all the way from our house to school and only opened her eye at the school’s door. Since I still have time, I brought her to the toilet, gave her the quickest bathe ever and changed her to school uniform. She was complaining cold, I believe her words totally because the school is air-conditional. So I have to be very fast. In less than 3 mins, she was done and I sent her back to her class. She was still very cranky when she was back in class. Her main teacher was kind enough to feed (in N1, they strongly encourage self feeding already.) her breakfast before I left the school.

Although there is no more crying as I walked out the classroom, I left the school with a heavy heart pondering whether should I work again? (This is a question that I would keep asking myself again and again.)


P/S: She is running some mild fever now. Haiz…I hope she will be well by tomorrow morning!


8 thoughts on “FTWM’s Voice: She just could get up this morning!‏

  1. IMHO, If you can afford not to work, then don’t. Your kid is only 2 year old, she is still very young! They grow up really fast, in a matter of a few years, they will not need us! Better treasure the time with them now.

    • Lizzie,

      I am adjusting. I know Yvette is still young, that is the reason why I choose a work with least commitment, less travelling time. Actually if everything goes well, I will stop in a few year time again.

      The problem in accounting line, if I don’t work, I will lost touch easily and by then I might have great difficulty going back to workforce.

  2. oh dear! Hope Yvette recover soon.

    Hugz dear, can fully understand how u feel. Whenever they fall sick or cranky, we will keep repeating ask ourself, ‘do we need to let them suffer so young’, is there a MUST we need to work?

    I will often console myself, we will be going to another path of her stage.

    Y not try to let yvette to sleep early? Last time my girl bed time is 10pm, in the end she can’t wake up in 7.15am, thus i manage to change her bed time to 9pm SHARP to 7.10am.

    Take care ya. 🙂

  3. hi,
    you will slowly get use to it..Lucas started sch two weeks le, at first, he was cranky,and refuse to change uniform, drink milk..but now getting better..
    sometimes i also ask myself ” should i work??””haih…

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