It is wet again!

Of late, the school even myself have difficulty getting Yvette to drink water during the daytime. She has not been drinking much water since last Nov’10 although I have reported she is drinking a lot of water when she just attended school last Sept’10.

My estimation of her daily water consumption during the day time will be about 100 to 150 ml plain water and 2 packet of 250 ml chocolate milk which I not sure she did she finish them. Sometimes over the weekends, we will try to encourage her to drink more by giving her soya milk from market or we will give her Ribena.

As such, she does develop a habit of drinking plenty of water (half a bottle or sometimes even a full bottle of Pigeon Mag bottle) just before her bed time. I have never stop her on this but this bring me another problem. She will wet the bed thereafter. (sometimes she could wake up sometimes she could hold them all the way till next day morning.) And also I conclude her bad breath (I notice sometimes it is not there) when intake of water is not sufficient.

Is there any tip I could get this girl to drink more water?

P/S: Layers of protection are placed on our bed to avoid changing of our bedsheet. I only need to clean Yvette and remove the protection in the middle of the night after I sense (I am light sleeper) it is wet (again).


4 thoughts on “It is wet again!

  1. How about soup? Soup after meal or soupy dishes.
    My boy LOVES soup and drinks a huge bowl after lunch.
    Besides that, he drinks about 500ml of whole milk and sips about 100 ml of water. These are enough to let him pee a lot through the day, so I presume they’re enough.

    Is Yvette’s pee clear? Lips look hydrated? If so, should be fine.

    Before bed, we limit his fluid intake to about 100ml and let him pee just before sleeping. He still can’t hold pee consistently till morning yet. Started to stay dry a few times.

    • Yvette used to love soup but now she is not drinking as much as I wish her to drink. But according to those figures you have provided, she drinks 2 packs of chocolate milk which work out to be 500ml (however I am not sure she finishes them all.) and she will properly drink half of her 350ml (water bottle she brings to school.)

      Before bed, she drinks 90 ml or 180ml of water from her mag mag pigeon bottle.

      Yvette’s pee is clear and lip doesn’t look dydrate. But sometimes I could smell some bad breath.

      She is staying dry since she has been trained. It seems like another stage of potty training again?

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