Mega Block Project in Dec 2010

We only did a week of home learning in the first week of Dec and then we declared totally no school!

All my teaching is usually done impromptu and follow her lead. She suddenly fall so much in love with the mega block brought by Stella. So D taught her how to build castle with all the blocks in the bag and here are their creation!






25.12.2010 (Christmas Castle for Gingerbread man!)






2 thoughts on “Mega Block Project in Dec 2010

  1. That’s a great way of remembering all those creations! Loved the castle for gingerbread man especially… hang in there for work ok? I guess over time everyone will adjust!

    • Yeah I agree with you, (that why I quoted your statement) – I realise that most of the stuff that makes life great aren’t the big things, but the little minute details. – I would like to remember all these creation by entered a entry there!

      Hanging there but barely there!!!

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