Month In Review – December & Goals For January 2011

P/S: You might want to read why I started to record this entry monthly here.

Dec passed too quickly. Before I could actually take note of what’s happening, it’s already over. We did so much in Dec and yet I cover so little in this blog. (Yes I still blog everyday but I am still very lazy to pen down every single event! Not possible right?!?!?!)

1. What were the major event/s for the month?

  • Attended Christmas Party in Yvette school
  • Brought our very first Xmas Tree
  • Watch movie with Yvette again. (Yvette’s second movies)
  • Test out how well Yvette could adapt to new change(staying on for full day) in CC
  • Celebrated Christmas with extended family

2. What were the outings we had?

  • We went Jurong Bird Park.
  • We went hiking (From Southern Ridges Walk to Vivo City).
  • We check out Nex.

3. Anything new things we did or tried?

We had our dinner at Soup Broth Asia. This restaurant is the sister company of Soup Spoon and they served MSG free soup.


Believe me, we never try cookies from Famous Amos before. First time trying.


4. Any new learning curriculum for Yvette?

None! Holiday! Yeah!

5. What was the family health stats for the month?

Both of us are well. Yvette was very sick this month. 3 weeks of flu, running

6. What were my accomplishments this month?

Sadly None!

7. What surprised me this month?

Yvette’s ability to create! Her creativeness. And in term of understanding. Composing and Comprehending !

8. What were my disappointments this month?

This is not exactly a disappointment but I find it such a pity that we didn’t go Vivo for picture taking during this period. We been taking family photo with the Xmas Tree at Vivo since Yvette was born!



9. Any other events happened but I did not record here?


We made many many shopping trips during Dec and none were documented here. (I went Vivo alone and another shopping trip with D to Paragon!)

Robinson Centre trip on 04/12.


Robinson Raffles City Shopping Trip on 11/12. (Ops I worn the same top!)


Taka & Wisma Shopping Trip on 14/12.


@ Ion on 21/12.


Beach Fun @ 31/12

Month in Review for Dec 2010

Yvette doing her 4th piece of art work.


10. Favourite picture of Yvette with any extended family members.

I find this picture meaningful! Yvette taking picture for my Elder BIL.

Yvette taking picture

11. Favourite picture of Yvette with D or myself.


*Stella, see he has improved*

12. Family picture for the month of December.

You can find it here and here.

13. Any goals for January 2011?

Same as what I wished for in Nov review.


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