Yvette Learning Music @ Mac’s Music School

D and myself are not musically trained but both of us agreed far before Yvette was born, we will let Yvette pick up one instrument. Be it for benefits from Music Education or for a skill which she could fetch some income in the future. (But I do find out D does has some musical bone!)

I heard of Yamaha and Mandeville. I also know Staccato (You may wish to read Sam’s experience and Lazymummy’s experience with Staccato) and Kindermusik (I have a few friends in this school too).  But I chosen Mac’s Music School for Yvette.

IMG_0109 (2)

I know Mac personally. I know him because his daughter is Yvette’s classmate in JGC and he is a very very dedicated father. One of those father who involve in every bit of his daughter’s growing up. (He is the one attending the class with his daughter in JGC and even swimming. Basically everything!)

Since I have never been to any music enrichment classes before so am not sure how do you define good. (Crystal’s mum find it a bit dull.) But I feel since I know the Principal (I still pay the full fee ok, no discount.) I believe the integrity of Mac will ensure his school runs professionally. I like the progress he pave out in his curriculum too. (Of course, Sam help me in understanding them as well. Thank You!)

We paid S$449.40 inclusive of GST in total. S$345 for Toddler’s Course Weekend, S$40 for enrolment fee and S$35 for material fee and these are the materials I got during the first lesson.

IMG_0110 (2)

We attended the first lesson today and was happy to find out we could merge with another class at 3.45 pm every Saturday. (Good for Yvette, so that I could condition her to sleep on weekend.) I like the timetable too. It is spread out in 4 months for 12 lessons with break here and there. (I love it because I don’t need to rush for lesson every week and that can be tiring.)

Nothing was covered in first lesson except from briefing on how the lesson will be conducted and learning some name of the instruments. (I didn’t know Guiro.) Yvette was cranky because it was supposing her napping time. (I am still thinking should I let Yvette follows the timing she has in school during weekdays or let her be over the weekends. Before she goes full time school, sometimes she will skip her nap. hmmmm…. )

I hope she will like it!


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