A Brand New Challenge is going to unfold!

Finally I landed with a job. At the end of the day, I actually got myself two offers. Both will start off with contract because I have not been working for 2.5 years and only one will able to convert to permanent job. However due to the “foreseeable” stress level, I decided to give the one that would highly convert me to permanent staff a miss.

Personally, I am not a career-driven person although I can be workaholic.

Sound contradicting?

I have very strong passion for accounting. A career chosen by myself and I have been staying in this field for 11 years. In accounts, you need to work long hours, putting a lot of effort to get the report out timely. To achieve work life balance in accounting department can be tough especially during month end and year end. So I don’t wish to face too much stress since I am considerate “fresh” again.

My working hour is 9 am to 6 pm, Monday to Friday and I could almost able to go home on time daily. Not much foreseeable OT and low stress level because I am merely covering for a lady who is going on for maternity leave. As for the other role, I am suppose to “perform”. Stress level definitely high and I might need to work till 11 pm during closing.

As I know I will be heading back to work, I have been training Yvette since Monday. Waking her up at 7.30 am in the morning and manage to leave home by 8.15 am or latest 8.30 am. With that, I should be able to reach office by 9 am in the morning because my office is only at Orchard Road which is only a few MRT stations away.

Another reason for taking this offer because it allows me to at least take another breather before I decided my career path again after 6 mths. (It is a 6-8 mths contract role.)

Since the working hour is manageable, I am starting off my job without a maid first. I will have to wake up as early as 6 or latest 6.30 am to prepare breakfast and cook lunch for FIL. Dinner  will be cooked by me in the morning too.  With that, I  will share the dinner menu in this site. Sharing my menu and how I make my cooking easy will give some of you some idea on how to manage working full time yet we can have nutritious dinner in the evening. A pot of soup makes magic, I believe!

Although the plan is not to have maid first, I am not going to manage my household with no help at all. Hubby will be flying off on the 15th Jan and will only back on the 29th. For this period of time, I should be busy preparing CNY stuff and sending Yvette to enrichment class by my own on the weekend. I will see how I could cope with the housework before deciding hire a temp help to come on board.

In the meantime, I am not sure how often I will update this site but certainly I have created another site to update my daily life with a few lines and one or two pictures per day so that when I look back, I could remember what I have been doing.

Do check me out there – My Secret Department.


8 thoughts on “A Brand New Challenge is going to unfold!

    • Jillian,

      It is not easy to be SAHM too especially those like you; work from home. I did try to find but I really couldn’t find one that allows me to stay at home. Actually it is not easy to be Singaporean… haha.. this City is too demanding!

      I hope I can find the balance there thus taking up the contract role helps me in getting there.

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