Yvette’s First Full Day Care In CC

The reason of sending Yvette to full time care is obvious. With that,I woke Yvette up at 7.45 am. (This timing will be adjusted when I get a job. To meet the requirement of our daily lifestyle, I only looking for a job that is near my house. One of the importance factor. I ever work in Novena. The travelling time is only 15 mins. So the shorter travelling I need to travel to work will definitely benefit Yvette.)

I target to leave home at 8.15 am but after spending 15 mins to wake Yvette up; I know is not possible. The best part is she requested noodle for her breakfast. I obliged!!! (I cook every morning for FIL so it is not difficult to get ready ingredients to cook for Yvette. On side note, I have stopped packing lunch box for Yvette since last week because she finally willing to eat CC food now.)

We finally left home at 8.30 am. (Wow! We need 45 mins in the morning! So if I need 30 mins to travel to work, Yvette got to wake up at 7 am??? Unless i manage to get a job starting at 9 am. 15 mins to wake her up. 30 mins for breakfast at home. 15 mins to walk to CC and drop her off. Hmmm…..) 

Since this is not exactly the first day for her, she is familiar with all the procedures. I realize she still doesn’t like letting the Aunty to do temperature check. She will fuss very much about it. I remember there was only once she happily ran into the school after the check was done by Teacher J.

After the check, she ran toward  the PG class. She was stopped by me. We sent her to the new class. She didn’t protest much. We stay there for 10 mins before bidding goodbye to her. She wasn’t crying nor there was any tantrum coming from her when we left. However, we didn’t leave immediately. I walked to PG class asking the PG teachers to look out Yvette for me. (I would like give credit to the PG teacher in this school. I always feel that 50% is their effort – Yvette could cope so well now.) 

Thereafter then we left. But before we really walked out of the centre, I saw Yvette was crying. (I saw her in the arm of the teacher walking across the room that caught my attention. I told D about it and we quickly marched toward her class again. I know this must be fear and anxiety  this round. New teachers, new environment, new classmate must have frighten her. Moreover many tots were crying. Think there are 4 to 6 new students.

I didn’t peep in totally like D. He told me she had more or less stopped when we were there. I saw she was in one of the teacher’s arm who she was familiar with.We finally left the school with a peace mind. 

We headed for breakfast and went Vivo to collect our camera. 

Fast forward.

We returned to school to check on Yvette at around 1 plus and found out she already sound asleep. This is something I never expect. She could nap by her own without neh neh!  Perhaps Crystal’s mum is right. With foundation, it is much easier for Yvette. We also did a trial last week, it turned out fine as well.

We went back home after our check.

We fetched her at 5 pm today (as lesson had already started today) and she was happy to see us again. We headed home together with Crystal and her mum. The girls had great fun while I catch up with Crystal’s mum. They went back home around 7.

In general I am happy with Yvette’s progress and the school but the good impression didn’t last for too long. I found out the school let Yvette worn diaper in the afternoon during her nap. 2 pieces of diapers are not in her bag when I packed her stuff for tomorrow. No wonder she was wet during our way home and never communicated her need to us. She must be assuming she was wearing diaper. With that I decide not to pack any diaper for Yvette anymore. I also wrote down my dismay in the connection book. I will also will feedback to the main teacher tomorrow.

I don’t want this regression!!!


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