Happy New Year & Resolution 2011


This is the new fish tank sitting in our living room now. Although D didn’t achieve much in 2010, he has picked up a hobby. He had indeed spending some time reading up how to set up an aquarium and making effort to take care his fish. Yvette is his great helper. Helping him to feed his fish every afternoon when she is back home from school. (Although mess is inevitable!)

He set up this fish tank with the plant and washing all his pebbles this morning after our market trip. A brand new start for his fish, I suppose!

As I have decided to rejoin back the workforce, I believe there are many challenges waiting for us. With that, the fact of Yvette will still be our priority remain unchanged. And my first few resolutions will be involving Yvette and my list goes…

Not a single child is the same. All kid are different and unique. I am lucky to have a child like Yvette. She is a fast learner and a very keen learner too. I didn’t see she having much problem in speech, learning as well as social skill. She never seems to afraid of anything. In fact, she is too active. Never seem to quite down.

But I am amaze she can be very independent as she grows up. I never drive to raise an independent child. I believe, in one way of another, a child will definitely learn to be independent. Yvette demonstrates her independence at young age.

And now she is older, I find her even more sensible and sensitive. When she was told or sometimes we didn’t even tell her that we are busy; when she sees us busy with chores, she hardly come to us to ask for company. Of late, my preparation of dinner becomes really easy (30 mins to 45 mins preparation time.) I just need to turn on her favourite timetable CD, she will happily listen to it and even pull out her toy to play as the CD plays in the background by herself. (I am amaze she could multi-task at young age too. I think girls are generally good at multi-taking.)

Just like this morning, when we are so busying cleaning the house (change bed sheet, clean the window, doing laundry, etc.), Yvette only come to me twice. Mainly asking for food. I gave her the food that she asked for and she just took it and headed hall to eat them all by herself. (We spent almost 1.5 hours to 2 hours doing cleaning, washing. As for Yvette, she was all by herself doing reading, playing, listening to the CD, doing sticker book and eating.)


Eating Orange by herself while I am at Kitchen doing laundry and D in the room cleaning the window.

To many parents, this is what they see as being independent, for me I find her very lonely. I do wish to give her a play mate at home but then it seem I don’t have much luck again for baby.

So my first resolution is to give Yvette a brother or a sister this year.

I do worry about after I return to workforce, she will regress. After reading these two posts (here & here) by Domesticgoddess, I decided to be a pushy parent. So besides swimming, I have added two more enrichment classes for Yvette on top of her normal school days. And it is all accompanied class. I didn’t want myself to get out of touch of her learning even IF I have to work long hours like what I use to in the past.

So my second resolution will be – making sure she is still learning well without much pressure even I have to work. In any circumstances if I do find out she is not keen in doing all these activities I have signed up for her, I will not hesitate to stop the lesson.

The last and most important one will be – I hope I could achieve work life balance. (This is the reason why I am very selective in this job searching. I didn’t apply job come by and go interview come by.)

So much about Yvette and NOW is more about myself.

  • To drink more water. Ever since when I became a mum, I drink less water. So must make sure I am drinking water again.
  • To continue to exercise (maybe no gym anymore. Walk more, go hiking perhaps) so that I could lose weight. I have gained so much over the past year and do hope I could slim down.
  • Buy Photoshop CS5 and a new camera to improve my picture taking skill. Perhaps taking some courses?

I am keeping them for 3 for Yvette and  3 for myself. Not too much, if not it will be barely achievable!

Again, Happy New Year Everyone!


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