Sum up 2010

Another year has ended.

Looking back at the resolutions I have set for myself last year,and this is how I flair.

For 1 & 2 are on going. (I am not going to set this as my resolution for next year.)

For 3, we are making use of the time in the morning when Yvette goes school which I don’t blog much here. (Too personal to share… hahaha…)

For 4, I think it is for you all to judge did I write better. But I know I am still weak in my grammar and my sentence structure. There are still many back date posts!

For 5, I am thinking to do a food and nutrition diploma but I really don’t have time for it.

For 6, it is not easy to find a job. I did try but I never land with one.

For 7, yes, I started to do some exercise.

Not too bad after all? I give myself 3.5/7.

Blogging has become a part of my life. Still, not everything is up there. I would say this blog covers 45% to 50% of my life. And from blogging I have met many new mummies who are my friend now. I have even found my lost classmate – Lazymummy. I have learnt so much from all of you and I would like to say Thank You! Thanks for keep visiting my site giving me your comments and I do love to hear from you!

I started to homeschool Yvette and I know she has definite benefit from my teaching. Again I know I am weak in English and I am very keen to send her to British Council for extra class. Ok I know I am being pushy here.

Overall, I know she did well. In summary, we’ve covered English as in Reading, word recognition and even narrating her own story. For Chinese, I am surprise she could speaks her thought well in Chinese to her grandparents. We covered Maths too. It a bonus! We covered some Science and Geography too. Craft is something we do the least at home so I am targeting to do at least 1-2 crafts at home per month next year.

For D, although he has never “achieved much in some aspects” but I feel he is a better father this year. Judging at his work commitment and as well as his commitment as a son, (he needs to bring my FIL to hospital visit almost every month, sometimes there might be a need to go TTSH twice a month.); he still spending a lot of time with us.

Coming next year, he will be very busy. He will start to travel, something that he has not been doing after Yvette comes to our life. His trip is firm up and he will be away in the middle Jan and will only be back at end of Jan. There are several trips he will be making next year and I hope I will take it well.

In another few hours, 2010 will be over. A Happy New Year to all of you and a fruitful 2011!!!

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