Full Day Care (Trial)

Sometimes I am so grateful that the teachers in her CC are so helpful. Knowing I have packed all the stuff in the new bag for Yvette to get ready for the full day care, the new main Teacher (the old one had left) told me to test it out today. (Yes, without paying they are willing to let me have a trial!)

The main teacher smsed me telling me Yvette refused to bathe. Then I told her it’s fine and I will be coming down to fetch her then. But 10 mins later, when she asked her again, Yvette agreed. She bathed and changed her into the PE attire.

When I was there. She was on her sleeping cot without much fuss trying to sleep. (I asked another teacher to check for me.) However, I still brought her home because she wanted to go toilet and she saw me.

Oh well for a start I think she is making good progress. Let see how she could cope for the next two weeks before I gear up searching for a job.


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