Yvette’s First Production: Story of Crystal & Yvette

Yvette is really very into details now. I still remember I ranted a lot about Yvette doesn’t like to look at illustration when I read to her. It really took a lot of hard work from us to hang on in getting Yvette to read. We are glad we didn’t give up. If not, we will not see how much Yvette enjoy reading now.

In my last update about her developments, I mentioned she is making huge progress on reading. She started to take a lot of initiative to read (aloud).  I caught her reading Go, Dog. Go! by herself one day and I quickly took my phone to record it. Unfortunately she had already read 20 over pages when I started to record and she got tired over reading it. She stopped half way, asking me to read instead. But still good enough. She had finished reading about 29 pages of full sentences all by herself.


P/S: If you watch this clip you will notice, she is telling me she wants the scooter. Yes, she will point to the book and keep asking us things she sees and then she will think more about it after we explained to her. That is why she is asking for it because she had tried in the store she likes it so much. We have agreed to buy for her but then she have to wait till she is 3yo.

With that,  it really gives me motivation to push her further.

We have been doing activity books since Yvette was 25mths. All these activity books we did indeed help in Cognitive Development & Gross Motor Skill Development. She is very much addicted to it and already forgotten her iPod Touch. I have also given her a blank exercise book and a book of sticker for her to do her own pasting till I have finish my chorus at home.

I initiated this activity a two weeks ago. (This was created by us 2 weeks back.)

From the sticker book we did, there is one page which the publisher printed wrongly. So I made use of the 4 stickers inside the book and told Yvette, this is Yvette and that is Crystal. From there, she started to put more sticker in the blank page and started to narrate her own story. And from time to time I will also prompt her on things she will to take note and things she will like to have in her very own story.


And here are the steps in getting her very first story created at home:

Me: Where is Crystal & Yvette?

Y: In the Park

Me: So what did you all do in the Park?

Y: Play!

Me: What is in the park? (She did tell me there is swing, slide, playground but then we don’t have those stickers. )

Me: Then what else you all see?

Y: Birds, Butterfly, flower, bee… etc…

(We flipped those pages in the sticker book and found balloon. I took the initiative to ask Yvette, did she want to have balloon. She chosen a star for herself and round balloon for Crystal.)

Lastly I asked her, “Yvette, are you happy?”

She replied: “Yes”!

I worded her answer to a complete sentence and here her first production:


P/S: Sam commented on my FB that I have neat handwriting but I think it’s still not neat enough because Yvette can’t read  the word “see” although she knows the word.

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