Getting Ready for Full Day Care!

Although I have been busy going for interview but still I have to make time to buy Yvette’s bedding set to get ready for her full day care. And these are the stuff I am getting ready for her.

Since 18 mths, she already using toddler bolster. When she is 2 yo, I changed her pillow to toddler too. She is using Babysafe at  home but for CC, I got her the normal pillow and bolster. But mind you, they are not cheap too. It cost me S$14.90 each. (Lucky I got voucher!)

CC Full Day Preparation

In that big bag, beside pillow, bolster and blanket. I pack extra blanket and pillow casing for the school.

As Yvette’s CC is a air-conditional,  I packed second set of clothing together with towel in the ziplock bag for the school. I pack 3 sets, so that I can easily put in the set at night when she is back home. (This is a good practice for both parents who are working. So that you won’t miss out anything.)


We got her a bigger bag to school too. Why Barbie? No reason. This bag was found in NTUC extra and Yvette refused to let it go. She doesn’t know who is Barbie. She refused to let go because it is a bag with wheels and she likes it very much.


Since full day care is new to Yvette as well as the school, I also write down a set of instruction for the new teachers so that they know how to take care of her. I also include some instruction on treating Yvette’s rash too.

CC Full Day Preparation (2)

These are the stuff in her bag for now.


Lastly, I hope Yvette will transit into full day without much anxiety problem.


6 thoughts on “Getting Ready for Full Day Care!

  1. hihi dear,

    my girl in ifc since 2 mths old. The sch bag forever so BIG! whahah. Most impt is EXTRA set, bcos we wont perdict when they will accidentally dirty it or other kiddo accidentally pour something onto it?

    Hope Yvette can get use to whole day cc. Cheers

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