Yvette: 2 yrs 7 mths (31 mths)

P/S: She turned 30 mths on 13th Dec 2010.


P/S: Decided to use the picture taken on 11th Dec instead of 13th Dec because I can’t find a nice picture taken on that day. And coincidentally the top is exactly the same for 30 mths milestone update.

I use FB and Twitter to record her funny speech and these are some interesting tot speech that I had happened to recorded on my FB.

On 25th Nov – After a loud thunder roar, Yvette said “my god!”

On 30th Nov –  D said, “I drink Coffee Black”. Yvette responded, “I drink Milo Brown”!

I am always happy to record her achievements. To me, this show she is learning everyday. And here are her mini achievements for the past one month:

  • She is making great progress on her multiplication. I started showing her the CD in early Nov again after I gotten the multiplication board. After watching it for 1.5 months, we are really impressed and do find it unbelievable that Yvette had almost master all the multiplication taught in the CD. (Actually this CD doesn’t only teach Time table, it also includes  数字想像力,数字顺口溜,数字谚语,数字诗词.) Now she could recite most of them (1 to 12 timetable) under her finger tip; with some mistakes here and there. Here is the video I manage to record on 14/12/2010. (Though this clip was recorded after 13/12 but this is definitely a milestone achieved during her 30 mths.) She made some mistakes on the 3 x table. I will have a separate entry on how we help her to apply those timetable she learned instead of just remember them as 口诀 or a song as well as talking more about the CD we are using.
  • Reading. Another area of big progress after she turned 2.5 yo. From the first PTC session, we found out from teachers, in fact, I do notice too; she goes into extreme details when reading. Apparently, she does understand and go beyond the book at time. (Tip I learnt from her lapbook class, it is good to give the tots difference story of the same topic when doing reading. This is to encourage them to identify difference situation happen in the same topic. Eg, Going to bed. There are many books about going to bed, although the routine is about the same for most kids, some have special routine.)
  • One day, while I am reading newspaper, she pointed to me 1000. I don’t where she pick up 1000 but then the Starfall we are using almost daily does spell out 2010 as part of the calendar. I suspect she gets the idea from there. So now I teach her 100, 200, to a 1000 for a start.


  • Doing activity books help in Cognitive Development & Gross Motor Skill Development. Here are some of her work she did. (She pasted the sticker within all the field provided.)


  • I won’t say she loves colouring. But now she is able to colour a full picture in the box.


  • She can be very imaginative. She folded the ball and told me that is a boat.


On self care & practical life skill; she taking over feeding from us. Sometimes, she totally didn’t want us to feed her at all.

She learnt how to open the door from outside not inside yet but she knows how to lock the door. This makes us worry too. Been thinking of duplicating another set of key for our master bedroom door, but again keep procrastinating. Oh well, I guess because my key are always in the hall.

She loves to wear her own panties now. And sometimes even bottom. She also tries to put on top but only manage to put in over her head.

Some interesting quirks and behaviours changes (and habits) are:

  • On 6th Dec,Yvette came home kept humming ” Nobody nobody but you!” school taught her this song.
  • She doesn’t like to sleep with blanket and finally loves it so much.
  • She loves to praise herself too.
  • She had been counting numbers when the lift moves up and down; be it she is in there or waiting. Now she loves to count the stairs as she climbs up and down.
  • She loves to play with hair clips. (She was playing with it when I video down her reciting Time Table.)
  • She set up meal for her baby.


  • Another round of pretend play at Best Denki at Taka.



  • I blog about she doesn’t need a soft toy for comfort. Suddenly she falls in love with the Blue things and now the Pink things. We have two pink piglets at home now.


  • She never like things on her head, see she allowed us to put a cap for her in one rare outing.


I rarely update Social and Emotional Development mainly because Terrible Two is always on, nothing much to talk about. Second is she is coping well in School now. But this month, she got too sick and we kept her home for a week. I was surprise when I sent her back to school after recuperating at home, there was no anxiety at all. I am so proud she has matured.

Although the PTC mentioned Yvette doesn’t really play with her peers, I caught her playing with two little boy when we were out in two outing. (Another one here.)


She lose some weight this month. I hope she will eat more since she already fully recovered.


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