Tot Learning Lesson Plan (7th to 27th Nov 2010 ) – Part 2

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What a long over due post. Actually I got many posts I wanted to update in this site but I am really very busy for the past one week. I been out for interview and one ended up with the second interview. So if everything DO go well, I should be working very soon. And then I will definitely have less time to blog. Do visit me to check out what we are doing!!! 😉



Pre-writing and Other Activities Related to Letter C

Pre-writing activity worksheets for Letter C.

Lesson Plan 3 (14)

And these are two worksheet, I plan, but she never do.


Colouring Activity which required require much persuasion to complete the work. She will initial painting but then she need encouragement from me to finish her work.


And after doing so much of colouring, a milestone is being achieved. From her school’s  curriculum talk, I understand that a child will only colour a small portion of a full picture and finally move on colouring most of the picture. She finally see “the full picture” at 3omths. (will update this again with another picture when I pen down her monthly development.)

And here is the Maths pattern we did for Letter C. (The picture is very blur. I didn’t check and honestly I am lazy to capture it again.)


Not forgetting Kumon! And this round she had done too much. Actually she loves doing all these activities (colouring, painting, sticker books) but at times, I still need to spend time encouraging her to finish them.


Lesson Plan 3 (2)


Lesson Plan 3

Other activity books from DangDang

Lesson Plan 3 (15)

On Learning Chinese

We continue reading 明明 series on iPod Touch. We are at book 6 – 小花猫. I found these word card at home and was surprise I brought these long long ago. (Perhaps I didn’t even know what I am buying at that point of time.) With that, I found out Yvette could read most of the word from Book 1 now. She can’t read 也 and 了 at end of 3 weeks but now she already mastered all. We are moving toward to the word card for book 2.


Actually her word bank for Chinese Character is not limited to those words above. She also know a handful of animals, fruit, objects, colour and shapes as well as character from 我会读. Here are the characters we learned and revised. We also continued revisiting those words we learned from JGC too.

家庭物品 。。。有。。。
沙发 我有手巾
电话 我有积木
风扇 我有气球
洗衣机 我有洋娃娃
电视机 我有玩具熊

I prefer Novum Preschool Chinese Reader book as compare to Red Train Series. The reasons I like them because, there is no Pin Yin on the page except at the end of the book (Summary). And the story line is much more interesting.

I borrowed these two books from library. I have Series 2 at home. I didn’t buy Series 1 because 我会读 does cover most words. I am aiming to buy Series 3. I got it from the book stall at Thomson Plaza for S$1 per book. Yvette loves reading these book. After read with her for a week, she could read the books with some of my help.

Lesson Plan 3 (16)

I read 我的门牙 for vocabulary. Another thing I like about Novum Preschool Chinese Reader because the book does come with Word Card.

Lesson Plan 3 (17)

I found this book in popular. I do have difficulty making Yvette recognising Chinese Characters of Body Parts. This book get her interest in learning them going. She also picks up hand signs like Ok. She is still learning on how to do the peace (to her is 2) and the thumb up sign (good).

Lesson Plan 3 (12)

On Learning Maths


Good progress. She starting to pick up concept like:-

1. More concept on zero; 1-1=0

2. Making up 10; 1+9=1

3. The balance of 10; 10-9=1

4. Working a lot more on mental calculation too. (We are focusing on 1 to 10 only.)

She is not good with subtraction. She is not good with all these terms (below) too. But we are working with her on it.

long, longer, longest
short, shorter, shortest
tall, taller, tallest
high, higher, highest
heavy, heavier, heaviest
light, lighter, lightest

But she is really good with her multiplication. I shall update this separately in her monthly milestone update. (Another overdue post!)

Learning Thru Play

I believe in Child-led learning approach but then I am also belong another camp who believe in constantly attempt to influence, to teach, to introduce learning material, areas that Yvette doesn’t like.

Finally she did some lacing!



Revising alphabets thru puzzle.


Learning Spelling thru M&D See & Spell.

Lesson Plan 3 (18)

When I teach her spelling, it is very random. And I always start from small word. She could spell her name correctly now. She could spell words like apple, to, no, on, do, so, mama, papa, stop, cat, dog, egg, go, big, hot, up, down, pot, pig, bee, buzz, etc; This is so much I could recall now.

To teach stop, i started with Top. Then add stop but I think she remembers Stop more than top because she always sees the “Stop” Sign!

Practical Life Skills

She cut, she swept. (Stella, see she enjoys cutting your book!!! Now is totally gone!!!)

*Heartless creature! No eye see!*

Lesson Plan 3 (19)

Kitchen skill. Beating the egg and using the fork to break the tofu!

Lesson Plan 3 (20)

Other Learning Activities

Learning using More About Starfall is a must for Yvette everyday.

SIL found out she didn’t know how to differentiate brinjal and egg plant. I showed her the real things in supermarket. Now she learned.


While we forming words. She is forming her numbers too.



12 thoughts on “Tot Learning Lesson Plan (7th to 27th Nov 2010 ) – Part 2

    • Went for second interview on Xmas eve. But sadly, I think I will not be offered.

      Due to OT requirement, I am afraid I can’t meet the company business need.

      At times, I feel it is really not easy for me to re-enter the workforce again!


    • Linette,

      P/S: Hope you don’t mind I address you in your name. I like your name! 😀

      I love her desire to learn spelling and Maths. When she talk to me, she often ask me, Mama, how to spell this, this and this. Because she like it so much, she learn faster and more.

      As for Maths, it is my bonus!!!

  1. Gosh… so impressed by her progress and how you really plan her lessons and learning! 🙂 I really gotta learn from you and try to be more structured! All the best, hope the job search will work out!

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